New and Noteworthy

New to the Web or new to this list: Online wine discoveries that we think you'll enjoy.


Wine "toys" of every description and where to buy them.

Art, Photographs and Maps

The graphical representation of things vinous.


Online and bricks-and-mortar Websites featuring wine for auction sale.

Books and Authors

Wine book stores and sites featuring the authors of wine books.


The Web's best sources for wine cellars, racking and custom cellar building.


Corkscrew museums and corkscrew collector sites.

Education and Information

Wine glossaries, dictionaries and other educational tools.


The top places to list or look up coming events in the world of wine.

Food and dining

A selection of the Web's most interesting sites about food, restaurants, cookery and culinary matters.

Forums & E-mail lists

Interactive online wine discussion groups, chat and E-mail lists.

Home Wine Making

From novice to advanced amateur, the art of making your own wine.

Industry sites

A select group of "business to business" and wine industry sites.


Wine label collections and information.

Law and Legislation

From wine shipping to alcoholic-beverage control, wine laws and consumer lobbying.

Magazines and Webzines

A round-the-world library of wine periodicals, in print and online; includes magazines, newsletters and Web wine publications with original, frequently updated content.


Wine news online and in your E-mail box.

One of a Kind

Wine sites so unusual that they don't fit in anywhere else.


Professional and hobby groups focused on aspects of wine.

Personal Wine Sites

A gallery of Websites run by individuals out of love of the grape.

Portraits of Grief

A special memorial: From The New York Times, profiles of some victims of the Sept. 11 attacks whose lives were touched by food and wine

Retail wine sales

Where to buy wine, on the street and on the 'net.

Scholarly Sources

Colleges, universities and advanced wine scholarship.


Computer programs to manage your cellar and your tasting notes.


Commercial and personal sites about the world's wine roads.

Vintage Charts

Tracking the conventional wisdom about wine-area vintages.

Web Wine Links

Directories of wine-related Websites.

Wine Areas

All about the countries, regions and places where wine is made.

Wine Columns

Where to find the online editions of your favorite wine writers.

Wine of the Month Clubs

A select list of companies that select and ship wines to subscribers (where the law permits).

Winery Sites

An international collection of winery sites, particularly those with substantial educational material.


This directory lists hundreds of wine-related Websites that I have found and enjoyed, and it features my candid comments about many of them. It is not an exhaustive list of every wine site on the Web, but it represents my best advice about a wide range of places to get good information about wine.

Each page of this directory features two categories: THE BEST OF THE WEB, for the sites that I consider most interesting and worth a visit; and THE REST OF THE WEB, where we review other noteworthy wine-related sites.

A directory like this requires the help of many people, and I am grateful to all the friends and colleagues who have pitched in to keep it up to date and especially to help create the most recent revision and update in April 2001.

Please note that clicking on the hotlink to any site outside Wine Lovers' Page will "spawn" a new browser window. When you're finished exploring, simply close the new window, and your original window will still be right here where you started.


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