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Andy's Scribblings
Andy's Scribblings is a U.K.-based wine and drink e-mail newsletter. The weekly ezine provides a wide selection of tasting notes and recommendations on wines, beers and other drinks (cider, real ale, champagne, whisky, exotic liqueurs, rum, gin etc). In each issue, Andy Barrows covers: Latest Offers from both on and off-line retailers; Independent wine tasting notes; News from the wine world; Links to new sites and information web-pages; Cocktail Recipes; and much more. Well written and interesting. Highly recommended.

Bourgogne Aujourd'hui
Bourgogne Aujourd'hui is an international Burgundy wine review, providing information on vineyard terroirs, buying guides and prices, food and wine pairings, interviews with wine personalities and a strong section on cultural events and sites in the area. The magazine is in French with summaries of the main articles in English. http://www.wines-terroirs.com

Allen Meadows writes: "Burghound.com is the result of a lifelong passion for the wine of Burghound.com. For more than 20 years, I have been collecting the wines and visiting the region. In the year 2000 alone, I spent almost three months visiting, researching, tasting, exploring and evaluating. Burgundy is my obsession really. And I have now decided to make it my profession, too." Allen offers a detailed quarterly newsletter, a searchable database of wines, a travel guide to Burgundy and review of a Burgundy wine five days a week. Strongly recommended.

Cuisine Magazine
Cuisine Magazine is New Zealand's best general food and wine magazine. Bob Campbell's Wine Guide is searchable online.

It has taken Decanter some time to get on the internet, but this leading wine magazine has arrived in great force. Many feature articles, quite a good news feed, and a Bordeaux price index make this a worthwhile regular stop. http://www.decanter.com/

espritduvin is a leading online French ezine, covering wine and France generally. The site is stylish, with lots of content. The interactive map of the various French wine regions is particularly well done. In French only. http://www.espritduvin.com/

Food & Beverage
Michael Walsh is exuberant and extremely knowledgeable about food, wine and the restaurant business. All of those attributes make Food & Beverage an excellent monthly magazine, and the website is extremely generous in providing samples of the contents on a regular basis. http://www.fbworld.com/

Harpers is a UK based weekly magazine for professionals in the Wine and Spirit Trade in the UK and worldwide. 120 years old, the content is top flight and a fair sampling is provided free on the web site.

Planet-wines.com is the online version of La Journée Vinicole, a French language newspaper that has been published since 1927. The website is all in French as well, and is filled content including a newsfeed, articles, a complete copy of the Wine Code (in French), comprehensive archives, an excellent search engine, and much, much more. Highly recommended if your French is good. http://www.journee-vinicole.com/

Practical Winery & Vineyard Magazine
Practical Winery & Vineyard Magazine provides peer reviewed articles six times a year covering winegrowing, winemaking, and winemarketing. Many articles appear online, many from archived past issues. The publication provides an interesting insight for consumers about wine and how it is made. http://www.practicalwinery.com/

Private Clubs Magazine
Private Clubs Magazine covers the needs of managers of private clubs. It covers food and wine matters in great depth, usually with well known authors, and the online version has a generous collection of some of the best of these articles. Example: "Cabernet Sauvignon" by Mary Ewing-Mulligan "The red wine language of choice."

Purple Feet Magazine
Purple Feet Magazine is a webzine that carries a number of interesting articles, especially on pairing food and wine. The editor and chief writer, William Bincoletto, demonstrates a love for wine, as well as excellent knowledge and a admirable approach. He also covers other beverages. Also, some useful travel information. Recommended. http://www.wineiscool.com/purple/

QPRWines is a wine buying newsletter that lists wines by wine critics' average score, then by price illustrating the value wines from the not-so value wines. The premiere issue on 2000 Bordeaux is available free of charge. http://www.QPRwines.com

Riesling Report
The Riesling Report is an electronic magazine for lovers of Riesling, "the most noble and expressive of white wine grape varieties." A bi-monthly that will keep you up to date on who's producing the really great Rieslings around the world. A sample of the first issue is free. Published electronically as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. A WLP advertising partner.

The San Francisco Chronicle has greatly improved its coverage of wine since the end of 2002, and its online portal, SFGate.com, is an excellent introduction to what is becoming a major source of online information about wine, food and spirits. http://www.sfgate.com/wine/

Steven Tanzer
Steven Tanzer's International Wine Cellar is online, but it's not free: A six -month subscription (three issues) costs $40, for which you also receive access to all back issues since January 1998, and six months of access to online discussion forums with Tanzer. The site does offer a generous amount of free material, including a free issue. An excellent alternative (or supplement) to Robert Parker.

TORBWine.com tells everything you wanted to know (and didn't) about Australian red wine. Follow the irreverent humorous rantings of "The Opinionated Red Bigot," who pulls no punches and tells it how it is!

Touring and Tasting
Touring and Tasting is a slick wine-related travel magazine; the website offers fairly generous extracts from the current and past issues. It also offers a commercial wine club with four levels of membership. Warning: sometimes a slow loader.

Underground Wine Journal
The Underground Wine Journal is a highly respected jounal that provides blind reviews in each edition, using a comparative format. It apparently no longer maintains a website, but a collection of articles from the jounal appears at a site maintained by K&L Wine Merchants, a WLP advertising partner.
Underground Wine Journal

Wine & Dine
Wine with a British accent is found at Wine & Dine, a colorful "E-Zine" on the Web.

Wine Access
Wine Access is Canada's largest wine magazine, published nine times a year. There is a weekly update online on Wednesdays, and a number of useful features, including wine events, recent articles, a searchable tasting note file, and more.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Although it got its start as a brochure for the Wine Enthusiast wine-cellar and accessories company, Wine Enthusiast Magazine has firmly established itself as a serious wine-appreciation magazine separate from the catalog sales, with quality articles by respected writers and reliable tasting notes. Its online edition features a selection of articles excerpted from the current issue.

Wine Ireland
Wine Ireland is published six times a year, and provides wine and spirits information to Irish consumers. The articles and letters from readers are of a consistently high quality. http://www.wineireland.ie/

Wine Report
WineSimple.com is the website of Wine Report, an unpretentious and down-to-earth magazine on wine, food and lifestyle topics. The magazine is free, and much of the content also appears on the website. Well worth browsing. http://www.winesimple.com/

The Rest of the Web

Italian Wine Review
The Italian Wine Review is published quarterly by Kyle Phillips and is a newsletter devoted to Italian wines. The website has samples of the articles and tasting notes. The focus is on rating wines with food. Sample issues are $15.00; a US subscription is $48.00.

Massachusetts Beverage Business
Massachusetts Beverage Business is the exclusive beverage alcohol industry publication in Massachusetts. For general readers it features articles by journalists, two Masters of Wine, and nationally recognized authorities on liquor and beer. In addition, there is industry related news reports, new product introductions, upcoming promotions, buying, terminology, entertaining, food pairing, and advice on serving alcoholic products. http://www.beveragebusiness.com/

Oregon Wine Report
The Oregon Wine Report is published five times a year for the consumer of Oregon's fine wines. Coverage is comprehensive and detailed. Recommended for anyone interested in the wines of Oregon. http://www.oregonwinereport.com/

Quarterly Review of Wines
Quarterly Review of Wines prints 150,000 copies of each issue, and carries columns by a number of well known wine writers. There are generous extracts from each issue in the online version (although the "news" column generally has a dated feeling because of the quarterly publication schedule). http://www.qrw.com/

Rich Cartiere's Global Wine News e-Monitor
Rich Cartiere's Global Wine News e-Monitor appears three times a week via email by paid subscription, and provides a very good summary of wine news, including a large amount of international news, translated from French, German and Italian into English. Cartiere also offers premium Wine Market Report, primarily interesting to folks in the trade. http://www.globalwinenews.com/

Tony Aspler
Canadian wine writer Tony Aspler, The Wine Guy, offers a lot of wine-related content on his stylish site. Full access to searches and wine-and-food atching notes requires a paid membership after a trial period ($32.05 Canadian; $24.95 US), but there's plenty of information available for free browsing.

Vinbladet is edited and published by Peter Winding, Denmark's leading wine writer. Primarily in Danish.

Vines Magazine
Vines Magazine bills itself as Canada's guide to the world of wine. The website features a good list of wine events in Canada as well as a comprehensive list of Canadian wineries, but merely describes articles contained in the hard copy monthly editions. http://www.vinesmag.com/

Vineyard and Winery Management
Vineyard and Winery Management , a rather technical journal, bills itself as "North America's most respected source of viticultural, technical and marketing information for growers and vintners."

Vintage Experiences
Dan Berger's Vintage Experiences is a weekly wine commentary, available faxed or mailed . Dan is a prolific writer, and his columns are available on a number of sources. This publication contains "more pointed opinions about wine styles, procedures, and many other issues that would be inappropriate in a daily newspaper column." The website is little more than information on the commentary, but Dan does run weekly tasting notes on a number of wines. http://www.vintageexperiences.com/

Wine East
Wine East, a semi-technical wine-information magazine, features news of grapes and wine in Eastern North America.

Wine Maker
Many of my home winemaking friends consider Wine Maker an essential resource. And, there is much here of interest to the wine consumer, as well. The online version carries generous extracts from each issue.

Wine News
Wine News is published every two months and focusses on California and Northwest wines, with a smattering of other coverage. It has an interesting lineup of commentators: Lyn Farmer, Harvey E. Finkel, M.D., Bob Hosmon, Norm Roby, David A. Beaulieu, Carole Kotkin, Marguerite Thomas, Clive Coates, Barbara Posner Beltrami, Edward Beltrami, Gerald D. Boyd, Gerry Dawes, Richard Kinssies, Steve Pitcher, and Dick Rosano. The website offers a "taste" of the articles, but does not present the full content of the print magazine. http://thewinenews.com/

Wine on the Web: The Talking Wine Magazine
Wine on the Web: The Talking Wine Magazine is an independent talking web site, constantly updated. It features international wine broadcaster and writer, Andrew Jones, aka the Flying Wine Man, flies the Atlantic some 10 times a year, to visit wineries and broadcast on TV and radio. In the UK he can be seen on Sky News and heard regularly on some 25 local radio stations. Despite the gimmicky nature of the sound "titles", there's lots of useful information on this UK site.

Wine Skinny.com
Wine Skinny.com is an ezine with wine features and wine reviews -- "your source for all the inside skinny on wine reviews, wine and food matching, lifestyle features, and much more!" Lots of good reading here and in the weekly email updates.

Wine X
We can't shake the feeling that "Wine X" takes unfair advantage of those youngsters in the X Generation. It serves up wine talk with a leering, "wine, food and an intelligent slice of vice." Does that fairly summarize an entire generation? Check out Wine X and judge for yourself. If you find any signs of intelligence here, please let us know. http://www.winexwired.com/

Wines and Vines
Wines and Vines online supports the monthly magazine with newsfeed, tasting notes, sample articles from the magazine, and "Wise and Otherwise", a column by Phillip E. Hiaring, publisher. An unusual feature: an online analysis of publicly-traded wine equities designed to tell you which equities will outperform the market over the next four to six months.

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