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200 Years of Wines of the World
Prof. Dr. Cesare Baroni Urbani of Basel Switzerland has selected wine labels from a number of countries around the world, which provide a good summary of 200 Years of Wines of the World. His sister page is more comprehensive, but this site is an excellent survey. http://home.tiscalinet.ch/wineman/#Introduction

4th and Vine
4th and Vine is the place to start if you want to make your own labels. Clear instructions, software, label stock, even a competition to test your handiwork against the world.

Antiche Etichette
Angelo Musanti from Genova, Italy has placed pictures of his antique labels from 1775 to 1920 online at Antiche Etichette. He has subdivided them into labels from wine and and liquors. The oldest wine label is for a 1775 vintage from Rudesheimer Berg, Dilthey Sahl & Co., Rudesheim im Rheingau. There is also an interesting brief history of labels. Beautifully scanned labels. In Italian only. http://space.tin.it/clubnet/anmusant/collezione/home.htm

Australian Wine Label Gallery
Tony Palfrey's Australian Wine Label Gallery has an amazing collection of Australian labels, and a fair representation of labels from around the world.

Hundreds of nice labels from the whole world
This is a sister site created by Prof. Dr. Cesare Baroni Urbani of Basel, Switzerland and devoted to Hundreds of nice labels from the whole world. The collection is nicely arranged by topic,and Dr. Cesare demonstrates a keen eye in picking representative examples, without presenting so many that any subject becomes tediously long. http://home.tiscalinet.ch/winegirl/

L'AICEV is a club for Italian wine label collectors. Great collection of labels on line and links to European and US label clubs.

My Own Labels
My Own Labels offers a range of labels for wine, beer, canned goods and other products. The formats are handsome, and you can choose your own text. Delivery is promised within seven to ten days. http://www.myownlabels.com/

TechTV has some helpful suggestions for how to make your own labels.

Wine Label Library
Art Stratemeyer's Strat's Place includes a large Wine Label Library among its eclectic array of wine, gardening and arts-related features. http://www.stratsplace.com/labels.html

Wine Labels
Peter May, who hosts the excellent Pinotage Club site, also has an intriguing collection of unusual wine labels. http://surf.to/winelabels

Wine Labels World
The Wine Labels World is an attractive Belgian site devoted to wine labels. The Belgian label collection is excellent, and the thematic collections are very interesting: cars, flowers, art, animals, and more. This Belgian collector has been gathering wine labels since 1993 and exchanges labels with collectors around the world. The results are impressive. In Dutch, English, French German, Italian and Spanish.

Wine Labels, Too Many
Wine Labels, Too Many contains hundreds of labels. All of them can be cut out and used on your own website. A true labor of love by Leif Borg (although the ads from the ISP provider are quite intrusive).

Manfred Becker's personal site, Wine-Label-Gallery, is an absolute delight. Let Manfred explain: "Sorry ! that my english is so bad, but all my teachers failed with me! And so you have to bear my desperate english and my terrible grammar. This is my private collection of wine-labels, of course it's not complete - one reason is, that I don't collect only the labels, I mostly drink the wine too, and this needs time, money and a wife with patience... If You have some "double" labels and you don't need them, or if you are a winemaker and you miss your winelabel (or link), please send it to ME ! I'll add it as soon as possible...and it's not necessary to remove the bottle from the label...." Also in German.

The Rest of the Web

The Smithsonian has prepared an informative introduction, complete with links to some of the labels, entitled "COLONNA FARRELL WINE LABEL COLLECTION, 1975-1997". http://americanhistory.si.edu/archives/d7626.htm

Napa Valley Wine Library Association
The Napa Valley Wine Library Association is located in the St. Helena public library in Napa Valley, telephone number (707) 963-5244. Among many other resources, it includes the Wuttken Wine Label Collection, with more than 100,000 wine labels from all over the world, organized by country and winery. http://www.shpl.org/winlib.htm

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