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HDL Enhancement Group
In addition to fashioning remarkable cellar doors, Todd Greeno is also founder and chairman of an informal, non-profit wine-tasting group with a most enjoyable Web page. HDL Enhancement Group not only features upcoming events for wine lovers in the New York City area, it also contains a healthy ration of good articles about wine and health, wine tasting and much more. Provides regular email announcements of upcoming wine-related events, with many special announcements. (Tends to load slowly.)

Local Wine Events
Eric V. Orange maintains Local Wine Events, a place where organizations holding wine-tasting events and dinners around the world can post free public announcements about their events. Easy to navigate and easy to add events.

MoCool is the Motown Cooperative Off-Line, the world's largest and longest-running cyberwine gathering - non-profit and consumer-run by a bunch of volunteers in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. It is held each year at the end of August, and is put on by a great group of people: Cindy Baldwin, Jay Baldwin, Sally Goldberg, Joel Goldberg, Dave Guimond and John Wolf. The Wine Lovers' Page is honored to provide MoCool an online home.

Tasters Guild New York Chapter
Tasters Guild New York Chapter is a respected wine-tasting club that hosts frequent wine-tasting events for a fee. For those who live within reach of New York City or plan to travel there, it's worth bookmarking this site if only to be aware of their tastings. But its website is more than that: based on content, it's a strong destination for general information about wine and wine tasting.

Vinitaly is held yearly in Verona, Italy, usually in the first part of April. This is a major wine exhibition primarily devoted to Italian wine. The events include a variety of tastings sessions, competitions, discussions, professional presentations, and more. http://www.vinitaly.com/

Vintage Voice
Marcel Lachenmann is an enthusiastic Boston wine lover with a very fine palate. His personal Website, Vintage Voice, bills itself quite honestly as, "No bells, no whistles, just wine." Updated often, it's well worth regular visits. It is particularly valuable before the annual Wine Expo in Boston when Marcel maintains a very useful page of Boston Wine Expo information for attendees (Marcel's page is much more useful than the official page).

Wine Events Calendar
The publisher of Wine Events Calendar is Earl Singer, who with Charles E. Olken, started "Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine" in 1974. He left the Guide in 2000, and has started this site: "Having gratefully earned a living from critiquing [winemakers's] hard won victories and regrettable failures--I dedicate this site to these determined artist/scientists who worry their way through every harvest and bottle their wines in the greatest hope that the promise they saw from harvest to blending will be there when the cork is finally pulled and the wine is poured." The events include festivals, tastings and courses, trade events, courses and symposiums and competitions. In addition, Mr. Singer will publish a series of notes and articles related to his personal experiences with wine. http://www.wineevents-calendar.com/index.lasso

ZAP maintains a frequently updated list of Zinfandel related events. The three day 11th Annual Zinfandel Festival will take place January 24 - 26, 2002 in Fort Mason, San Francisco. http://www.zinfandel.org/whats_happening/

The Rest of the Web

Fun With Wine
Rick Weissman hosts wine tastings and dinners in Manhattan and New Jersey, and lists competitive tastings, not only in the area, but in Long Island, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fun With Wine has lots of great content, all presented in a humorous and interesting manner.

VINISUD 2002, a large wine exposition that attracts wineries and distributors from around the Mediterranean basin, alternates between France and the United States. The next French expo will be in Montpellier, France, Feb. 16-18, 2004.

WineDocs.com arranges wine tastings around the United States, including a series in a number of cities called "The Tannin Pigs". The site is stylish, with a fairly good news feed and a number of interesting articles. Free weekly emailed newsletter. http://winedocs.com/default.asp

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