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Anthony J. Hawkins
Anthony J. Hawkins's World Wine-Vintage Tables are a feature of the Wine Lovers' Page. Anthony provides an important caveat in interpreting any vintage table: "These vintage tables are designed only as a rough guide to the overall condition of the grape *harvest* of the specified region in any given year. Attempting a long term evaluation during the earliest two years of a fermented vintage is usually considered a fruitless exercise due to the number of variables involved. However, because vineyards producing grapes suitable for premium table wines generally occupy a small geographic area it is often possible to generalize about the harvest outcome in a reasonably accurate manner; frequent updates being necessary for keeping track." http://www.wineloverspage.com/wineguest/wine_vintage.html

Bassin's Easy Vintage Chart
MacArthur Beverages Wine & Spirits in Washington, D.C., maintains Bassin's Easy Vintage Chart. The chart is based on a 100 point scale. http://www.bassins.com/resources/vin_chart.html

Berry Bros. & Rudd Historical Vintage Chart
This leading London wine merchant has several vintage charts on-line. Perhaps the most interesting is Berry Bros. & Rudd Historical Vintage Chart. "This Historical Chart gives wines from 1846 to 1977 an average quality grading out of ten and a drinking classification from Laying Down to Showing Age." Port, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Sauternes and Champagne are featured. "The information for the Vintage Chart is taken from our own tasting notes and records within the Berry Bros. archives, especially Charles Walter Berry's writings from the early decades of this century and Anthony Berry's comprehensive notes going back to the 1930s." Fascinating reading. http://www.bbr.com/wine-knowledge/vintage-chart.lml?ID=3XBZB5MNJ0M00BG

Berry Bros. & Rudd Recent French Vintage Chart
Berry Bros. & Rudd Recent French Vintage Chart covers French wines from 1978 through current releases. They provide a useful caution on using vintage charts generally: "Vintage charts by their nature are summaries that can hide exceptional wines within poor vintages (and occasionally the reverse). Check our tasting notes on the individual Wines." http://www.bbr.com/shopping/vintage-french.lml?ID=JQ00BWMDKDV003D

Pim van Ravesteijn's Vintage Charts
Pim van Ravesteijn's Vintage Charts. Lovely graphical charts from a Dutch wine lover and artist. http://www.wineloverspage.com/vintage/index.shtml

Robert Parker
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate's Vintage Chart for years since 1970 are published online in a color coded version. The chart covers over 25 different regions, with most attention on France, and some detail on California and Italy. From the introduction: "It should serve as a general guide to wines from around the world for the best vintages of the past thirty years. The unique color coding system provides a quick summary of the regional quality of each vintage. Parker also provides a regional numeric rating for each vintage as well as the drinking status at present (the letter codes next to the numeric rating)." http://www.winetech.com/html/vintchrt.html

Vintage Charts for the Wine Connoisseur
Vintage Charts for the Wine Connoisseur is a stylish, well written site based in the UK that describes vintage charts generally, suggests how to get the most out of them, and outlines their advantages and limitations. They also provide charts for Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy. Very well done indeed. http://www.vintage-charts.co.uk/

Wine Tasters Society of Toronto
From the home page, click on the Vintage Chart link for a chart prepared by the directors of the Wine Tasters Society of Toronto. This is one of Toronto's oldest wine tasting clubs, non-profit and operated by the members. The chart is quite comprehensive, is based on a number of sources and is updated from year to year. http://www.winetasters.on.ca

The Rest of the Web

Berry Bros. & Rudd World Wines Chart
Berry Bros. & Rudd World Wines Chart rates wines from 1978 through recent releases for a number of countries around the world: Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Vintage Port. Given the complexity of most of these areas, the ratings must be used with a great deal of caution. http://www.bbr.com/shopping/vintage-world.lml?ID=FQ90BWDDK8G00BK

Cellarnotes.net rates a number of wine regions from 1977 to date. The usual caveats apply: "Keep in mind that a vintage chart is only a tool. There will be exceptional wines from poor years and poor wines from good years. Storage conditions will affect the quality of older wines, too." http://www.cellarnotes.net/vintages_1.html

Hugh Johnson
Hugh Johnson publishes a small, hard cover annual, in which he rates not only vintages on a regional basis, but he also rates individual releases from many of the wineries he reviews. Pocket Encyclopedia of Wine . You can read more comprehensive reviews of this book on Amazon.com by clicking on the book title.

Les Kincaid
Les Kincaid has an interesting approach to wine, and has come up with his personal ratings of wines from a variety of regions. http://www.leskincaid.com/wine/vintage_chart.html

Pocket Vineyard (for Palm Organizers)
If you use a Palm handheld, you may find the Pocket Vineyard (for Palm Organizers) useful. "The interactive Vintage Chart allows the user to specify the country, region, type and year of the wine and an opinion on whether the wine is worth drinking. The Vintage Chart covers the United States, Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa and Spain, with several regions covered in many cases, including Tuscany, Bordeaux, Western Australia and more." http://www.neohand.com/pocketvineyard/

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