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* Wine Areas
This section contains links relating to various wine regions around the world; we've tried to find at least one entry for as many wine regions as we can. Because even a little information on an unfamiliar area can be helpful, we present all these links for their content without rating them for quality.

** World
Harpers Wine Reports in the UK has a very useful chart of key information and vintage report on all major wine producing nations. http://www.harpers-wine.com/winereports/index.cfm

***Wine Regions of the World
***Wine Regions of the World is a well done survey of world-wide wine regions with good content. http://www.wine-regions-of-the-world.com/

Alexander Valley
Alexander Valley runs along the Russian River between Healdsburg and Cloverdale in Sonoma County. Most of the wineries and grape growers in the area support this excellent site, with information on events, wineries, dining and history in the area. http://www.alexandervalley.org/

La Route de Vins d'Alsace is a very helpful site for visitors to Alsace interested in wine. A key feature is an interactive map showing various wine regions and wineries. There is lots of other information about varieties, food, Grand Cru wines, and the Confrérie Saint-Etienne. Charming graphics, excellent photos, fast loading. Highly recommended. In French, German and English. http://www.alsace-route-des-vins.com/

Amador Vintners' Online
Amador Vintners' Online provides information on this Gold Rush area of northern California and its wineries. http://www.amadorwine.com/

Anderson Valley
Anderson Valley is located in the rolling hills of the coastal region of Mendocino County in Northern California. The valley is only 15 miles long, but filled with interesting wineries; the grape growers association sponsors a Pinot Noir Festival in May. http://www.avwines.com/

Argentina Wines.com provides a very good overview of wine from Argentina in Spanish and in English. Much of the English text comes from Wine Routes of Argentina, by Alan Young. Interesting reading.

The Australian Wine Centre, Gavin Trott's impressive addition to the Web, offers a one-stop-shopping opportunity to buy Australian wine while keeping up with what's new Down Under, including Australian vintage charts. http://www.auswine.com.au/perl/vsf

The Margaret River area wineries are listed and mapped at this site covering this Western Australia wine region.

Australian Wine Online features links to many wineries in Australia, along with Winetitles Online, books on viticulture, enology and wine appreciation, and the Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal.

Almost invisible in the United States after an unfortunate adulteration scandal in the early 1980s, Austrian wine is making a comeback, and deservedly so. With its vineyards on the banks of the beautiful Blue Danube not far from Vienna, this German-speaking nation makes full-bodied, flavorful wines that bear very little resemblance to German wines despite the similarity of names. Wines from Austria: A Taste of Culture describes the country's wines from the perspective of its national wine-marketing board. In German, French, Chinese, English and Swedish.

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board pulls together a broad range of information about the wines of Austria, a small but historic wine region capable of such great quality that I suspect it will be the next "hot" niche for wine lovers everywhere. This link is in English, but German, French, Swedish and Japanese also available.

Peter Hodder-Williams's El Celler Català, a commercial site, offers a rare and impressive selection of wines from the region of Barcelona.

Beaujolais Wines
Beaujolais Wines is the English language version of Les Vins du Beaujolais, the official website of the Beaujolais region of France. Good descriptions of the various appellations and links to many of the 3000 members. In French and English.

Bordeaux Wine Enthusiast is a site run by an American, Ben Nelson, primarily devoted to the wines of Bordeaux. A fairly active discussion group, excellent ratings, and very good links to Bordeaux wines. http://www.bordeauxwineenthusiast.com

The 57 appellations of Bordeaux are not classified in a single official ranking, although the 1855 is by far the most famous. The Médoc, Sauternes and Barsac, Graves, and Saint-Emilion districts do have their own official internal classification systems. Pomerol, one of Bordeaux's greatest assets, was not included in the 1855 Classification, and remains unclassified to this day. Official Classifications of the Wines of Bordeaux lists the various classifications of Bordeaux. http://www.intowine.com/bordeaux2.html#1855

The Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux offers this flashy site containing a tour, descriptions of the wines and wineries, travel suggestions and much more. In French and English. http://www.bordeaux.com/

Bordeaux is devoted to "the best known “Grand Crus”, “Crus Classés” and “Crus Bourgeois” of Bordeaux." The "base principle is to achieve a mathematical mean for all the tasting results of each wine." Alain Brigolf, the site master, has reviewed the ratings of about 20 different experts, and converted their mathematical ratings to a 100 point system. http://www.winemega.com

Bordeaux Central
Bordeaux Central is managed from the UK by an international group of amateur wine enthusiasts. It is an impressive and a welcome addition to the world of wine education on the Web. Although the title correctly suggests an emphasis on Bordeaux, there is a great deal of information on California, Burgundy, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. Excellent maps. In English, French, German and Spanish. Highly recommended. http://communities.msn.com/BordeauxCentral

British Columbia
Well-organized and attractively designed, the BC Wine Cellar site provides loads of material about the wines of British Columbia, Canada, including maps and winery information.

British Columbia
The Association of British Columbia Winegrowers representing wineries that make wine from 100% British Columbia wines. The site provides maps of the area and links to the member wineries. http://www.winegrowers.bc.ca/

Wine.bg is the first wine trade site covering the wines of Bulgaria, and it does so in a slick and interesting manner, covering varieties, regions, producers, history and more.

Joseph Drouhin's Burgundy and Wine Page is one commercial site with plenty of content, featuring FAQs, news and business-trend reports on Burgundy and its wines.

The Louis Latour site is more than just another commercial advertising site; rich with content, it's a fine source for information about the Burgundy region.

Allen Meadows writes: "Burghound.com is the result of a lifelong passion for the wine of Burgundy. For more than 20 years, I have been collecting the wines and visiting the region. In the year 2000 alone, I spent almost three months visiting, researching, tasting, exploring and evaluating. Burgundy is my obsession really. And I have now decided to make it my profession, too." Allen offers a detailed quarterly newsletter, a searchable database of wines, a travel guide to Burgundy and review of a Burgundy wine five days a week. Strongly recommended.

B.I.V.B., the Bureau Interprofessionel des Vins de Bourogne, is a quasi-governmental organization devoted to the regional management of the Burgundy wine sector. The site is stylishly presented and filled with content on grape varieties, geology, history, vineyards, appellations, wine makers, grape growers, and much more. An outstanding resource for anyone interested in this fascinating area. In French, English and Japanese. http://www.bivb.com

Burgundy Report

Calaveras Wine Association
The Calaveras Wine Association is a growers site devoted to the Calaveras Wine Country, located in California's Sierra foothills' gold country. The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras, written by Mark Twain in the summer of 1860, inspires not only the annual Calaveras Frog Jump the third week of each May, but also the frog in the Calaveras Wine Association's logo. In fact, as you might guess, there are quite a few frog related items in the County. http://www.calaveraswines.org/

A promising site located in San Francisco and specializing in wineries in California. Neat photos of wineries, 360 degree views. Email updates and regular contests. A fun site.

There several excellent websites and travel guides devoted to California. An exceptional book on the wineries and winemakers is Stephen Brook's The Wines of California . You can read more comprehensive reviews of this book on Amazon.com by clicking on the book title.

California Wine and Food
California Wine and Food has gathered a large number of wine links from around the world. It also carries a number of articles dealing with California wines and dining. http://www.californiawineandfood.com

Canada -- General
Wines of Canada is an educational site with lots of information on wine regions, wineries and wines of Canada. There are a number of interesting articles, and a pretty slide show. Recommended.

The Carneros Quality Alliance provides a short history of the area, some maps and a list of wineries. http://www.carneros.org/

The official site of the Champagne Wines Information Bureau is a relentlessly positive marketing site, but there's plenty of good information here (in English) about the what, the where and the how of Champagne.

A Review of Méthode Champenoise Production is an excellent review of the process for making Champagne written by Bruce Zoecklein, Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech.

Champagne Magic, Volume 1, is dated March 1, 2001, and warns that some of the links are under construction. Nonetheless, this is a slick, good looking site with excellent content. There are links to over 300 Champagne houses, and an excellent summary of the many regulations applying to French Champagne. A very promising effort from John Holland, well worth visiting if you have any interest in Champagne.

Richard Juhlin is a lover of champagne, and keeps track of the number of champagnes he has tasted on Champagne Club. Richard has put together an interesting site filled with information about champagne. http://www.champagneclub.com/

I haven't been able to find any really outstanding Chateauneuf-du-Pape Websites; the obvious address, Chateauneuf-du-Pape.com, is a commercial site in English with a few good pictures and some interesting restaurant listings in Avignon, but it's light on content. For general information about Avignon and environs, though, Chateauneuf-du-Pape appears promising, with lots of information (in English and French) ranging from tourism to history, maps and links. http://www.avignon-et-provence.com

Chianti Classico
Chianti Classico.com is the official site for the Chianti Classico region in Italy. This is a stylish site, filled with information on the Consortium, Territory, Wineries, Food and Wine and Travel in the area. http://www.chianticlassico.com/

This trade association site is an excellent survey of the wines of Chile. http://www.vinasdechile.com/

Clarksburg Wine Growers Association
The Clarksburg Wine Growers Association publicizes the Clarksburg appellation, located in the Sacramento River delta and encompassing 56,900 acres over an area 16 miles long and eight miles wide. The appellation currently has 9,000 acres of vineyards that produce an average of 40,000 tons of wine grapes a year. http://www.clarksburgwinegrowers.com/

Colli Orientali del Friuli Consortium
The hilly area in the province of Udine in North East Italy is home to the Colli Orientali del Friuli Consortium. The site is stylish and comprehensive; you can follow the Consortium's efforts to achieve DOCG status for Picolit. In Italian, German and English. http://www.colliorientali.com/

Surprisingly to many people, Colorado has been producing wine since the late 1800s. The state went "dry" four years before Prohibition, and it was not until 1968 that a winery was again established in the state. The site is devoted to the growing wine industry. http://www.coloradowine.com/

Columbia Valley
The Columbia Valley Valley Winery Association is a group of wineries in Washington's Columbia Valley. Good maps, local news, links to wineries and visitor's info. http://www.columbiavalleywine.com/

Côte d’Or
AVCO, Les Associations Viticoles de Côte d’Or, covers three major organizations in this area of Burgundy and their activies, as well as the wines, villages, wine growers and winemakers. http://www.avco.org/association.html

Croatian wines? Here's a link for ya! Robert Kostelac has put together a very interesting page on the wines of Croatia. Statistics, regions, awards, vintners, tasting notes. (The link takes one to a fairly dated list of wine links; click on the Croatian Wine page icon to get to Croatian wines.)

Window on Cyprus provides a brief introduction to Cypriot wines, with an emphasis on history and smaller producers.

Cyprus Wine covers the wines of this Mediterranean island.

Dry Creek Valley
Dry Creek Valley is located near Healdsburg in Sonoma County, California. One of the most interesting features of the Wine Growers' site is a serious of oral histories by residents of the area. http://www.wdcv.com/

Edna Valley
The Edna Valley and nearby Arroyo Grande Valley are located in the Central Coast of California in the heart of San Luis Obispo County. There is a good history section on the site: "The first grapevines were planted by Franciscan padres to make wine for sacramental purposes, and it is recorded that the wines produced at the San Luis Obispo Mission earned the good padres higher revenues than any other mission producing wine in California." http://www.thegrid.net/vintners/

El Dorado AVA (California)
The wineries in the El Dorado AVA have created a nice website with excellent links to wineries in the AVA and pretty pictures of this beautiful area. http://www.eldoradowines.org/

England and Wales
English-Wine.com is a stylish site devoted to wine and grape growing in England and Wales. History, varieties, an on-line forum, and much more. A great introduction to this area.

Finger Lakes
The Finger Lakes Wine Country web site provides complete information on up-to-date attractions, events, wineries and information on visitor travel. http://www.fingerlakeswinecountry.com

Office National Interprofessionel des Vins (ONIVINS), the French governement organization with overall responsibility for the wine industry, is now online with a comprehensive Website that offers a wealth of statistics, facts and figures on the wine industry in France. It is published only in French, but it is the best source I have come across for this sort of information.

This site is kind of basic, but it's one of the few sites I've seen that gives a broad, English-language overview of the wines and wine regions of France. http://www.terroir-france.com/

France - Vin de Pays
France - Vin de Pays come from many different regions of France. This website was set up to support sales efforts in the United Kingdom, and does an outstanding job. The Vins de Pays Tour de France is particularly effective. http://www.vinsdepays.co.uk/

France -- Generally
Vitis Vinifera is a personal wine page with a great deal of content, all from a French point of view. There is a careful English glossary, a French/English wine dictionary, ranking of best and worst producers in various French wine regions, a list of French A.O.C.'s, and much more. An excellent list of French links and much more. One fascinating feature: Jean Durand "investigation about R. Parker" -- what French wine consumers think of Mr. Parker. Highly recommended; also in French.

German Wine Page
The German Wine Page offers an excellent overview of German wines (in English). Peter Ruhrburg, a German who went to college in Scotland and speaks English fluently, was one of the earliest settlers on the Web, and this informative personal site has worn well. It is simple, quick to load, and offers links to a variety of Peter's articles about aspects of German wine. http://www.winepage.de

An accessible overview of wines from Germany is A Short Guide to German Wines (in English), featured on the commercial site of Schlossadler International Wines, an importer based in California.

German Wine Estates is an E-tailer featuring German wines; happily, it goes far beyond commerce, with useful educational material on German wine regions, German wine labels, vintage reports and tasting notes.

U.S.-based German wine merchant, Cellars International, Inc. / ILNA Selections wines, offers a lot of information about wines from Germany on this site.

Giorgos Vekios, a Greek wine maker and educator, hails his country's wines in his charming, tri-lingual site, The Roads of Greek Wines. "Acropolis, the statues and the ancient texts are not our sole cultural inheritance," Vekios writes. "One of the products of this land, and one of the elements of our inheritance is wine." http://w4u.eexi.gr/~oinos/ENPAGE.HTM

Greek Wine is a comprehensive site with excellent content covering the wines of Greece: regions, varieties, producers, wine routes, legislation, glossary and more. Highly informative.

GreekWineMakers.com is a superb source of information on the wines of Greece. The site is content rich, and the set of links of interest to Greek wine lovers is particularly good. Highly recommended. http://www.greekwinemakers.com/

Volcano Winery is the southern most winery in the United States and the only winery on the Big Island of Hawaii. Lots of information about the winery, of course, but a very interesting history of wine on Hawaii and a good introduction to the Symphony grape and its wine.

With the possible exception of the great dessert wine Tokaji and perhaps Egri Bikaver, the inexpensive red wine known as "Bull's Blood," Hungarian wines remain largely a mystery to most of us. But with the fall of the Iron Curtain, Hungary's fine wines are starting to move into the world market. One good place to get an advance peek is Borbarát, Friends of Wine, an excellent Hungarian wine magazine that publishes this good, thorough and easily navigable site in English.

Wines of Hungary is a commercial site, but has a tremendous amount of information about Hungarian wine. History, current wines, grape varieties, regions, wineries, an excellent glossary and many tasting notes. Outstanding coverage of a country with a long wine tradition.

Hungary - Tokaji
Tokaji, the great sweet wine of Hungary, gets a thorough and detailed overview on The Wine of Tokaji, a simple but complete (and infrequently updated) non-commercial site presented by a British wine lover. http://www.funkcity.demon.co.uk/tokaj2.htm

Hunter Valley
The Hunter Valley Vineyard Association provides a limited amount of information about the Hunter Valley in Australia. The collection of Australian wine links is quite good. http://www.hvva.com.au/

Indian Wine is a commercial site in Chicago, Illinois, but is a very good introduction to wines from India. http://www.indianwine.com/

The Israeli Wineries & Wines website is an excellent resource for the wineries of Israel. It also has an excellent history of wine in Israel. In English and Hebrew. 6CU6

Italian Wines
The Italian Trade Commission, an Italian-government agency that helps Italy's businesses promote and advertise Italian products worldwide, is a strong promoter of Italian wines. Italian Wines, a part of the Commission's "Italian Made" Website, offers a clear, thorough and easily navigable overview of the world of Italian wine, including maps and information about the Italian wine regions and their formal classification system; Italian wine history, producers, wine and food, and a comprehensive Wine Search database for tracking down a specific Italian wine that you've enjoyed.

Wine Report is an elegant Italian only site with lots of great content about the wines of Italy.

Wineshop.it specializes in high quality wines from Italy, especially those produced by smaller makers. The site features a marvelous geographic tour of Italian wine, region by region, zone by zone. Clicking on the interactive map is great fun, and almost certain to teach you something about Italy and its wine. Highly recommended.

The Italian Trade Centre in England has put together a very informative site on the wines of Italy. http://www.italianwineguide.com/

Agriline maintains a list and a short description of over 300 DOCs and DOCGs in Italy. Although this is an official governmental site, some caution should be observed since the list is undated. Nevertheless, this is a very helpful resource for anyone interested in Italian wine regions.

La Vinium provides an excellent online guide to the wines of Italy. Click on the DOC button, and you will see all of the DOCs of Italy with the help of an interactive map. Many tasting notes and on the Italian site a number of interesting articles round out the package. In Italian and English. http://www.lavinium.com/

Cantina d'Italia is an excellent guide to the wines of Italy. And the most useful section, I think, is the index where you can click on a link to any Italian province to get a detailed map of that province and a clickable list of all its DOCs, each of which is clickable in turn to a list that shows a large number of that DOC's producers, which in turn are further linked to the producer's Website if it has one. Other features include similar drill-down links by province to enotecas and restaurants, an international list of wine magazines and publications, and lots more that I haven't figured out yet. Strongly recommended. http://www.cantina.it/

Wine lovers in Japan will find a great buying and learning resource for wines at Hotei Wines. A great team of wine people -- led by a dauschund named Basho -- very friendly and helpful, for any visitor to Japan. "The underground resource for great wines in Japan."

Lake County
The local wine growers support the Lake County website. The county surrounds Clear Lake, the largest natural lake in California. Lake County vineyards are planted throughout Lake County; from the the river valley at 1400 feet elevation, to the rocky red volcanic soil around Mt. Konocti, at over 2000 feet elevation. http://www.lakecountywinegrape.org/

Les A.O.C. du Languedoc is an excellent starting point to learn about the wines of this large French wine region. Separate pages are devoted to the various A.O.C. Strongly recommended. http://www.languedoc-wines.com/

Château Musar, the most famous winery in Lebanon, produces world-class wines despite its vulnerability in one of the most war-torn nations of the 1990s. Mussar is an unusual byway of the world of wine, and well worth a visit. French and English.

Livermore Valley
The Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association maintains a useful list of wineries in the area on its website. http://www.livermorewine.com/

Lodi Woodbridge
The Lodi Woodbridge Wine Region is located 100 miles east of San Francisco near the San Joaquin River Delta, south of Sacramento and west of the Sierra Nevada. Lodi has been a major winegrape growing region since the 1850's. The region's annual yield of approximately 500,000 tons of grapes is valued at over $300 million, and comprises 18% of California's total winegrape production - more than Napa and Sonoma Counties combined. This site is devoted to increasing wine lovers' knowledge of the area. http://www.lodiwine.com/

Louis/Dressner Selections' Web Page features the wines that it imports to America from small, artisan French domaines. Many of these are located in the Loire. The site offers much information about the domaines and the region generally. http://www.louisdressner.com/

An exceptional book on the wineries, winemakers and foods of the Loire Valley is Jacqueline Friedrich's A Wine and Food Guide to the Loire. Although the book was first published in 1996, it remains an essential wine guide to this beautiful area. You can read more comprehensive reviews of this book on Amazon.com by clicking on the book title.

The Wines of Val de Loire contains a great deal of information, beautifully presented, with features on history, soils and terroirs, climatology, varieties, estates, proprietors and negociants. Although the title page indicates otherwise, the site is updated on a fairly regular basis. http://www.valdeloire-wines.com/

Loire Bibliography
Don Rice has put together an admirable and comprehensive Loire Bibliography of books and publications related to the Loire Valley. Outstanding research. http://members.aol.com/loireindex/bibintro.html

Loire Renaissance
Loire Renaissance, in French and in English, is sponsored by an association of vignerons from the Loire, focussing on white wines made with Chenin. http://www.loirerenaissance.fr.st/

Long Island - Long Island Wine Country
Long Island Wine Country is a stylish, content rich site covering the wineries, wines and travel resources of a increasingly hot wine area.

Long Island Wine Country
Long Island Wine Country is the official site of the Long Island Wine Council, and is another excellent guide to the area. The map of wineries is particularly good. http://www.liwines.com/

Madeira Parties
K&L Wine Merchants has reprinted a wonderful article from the Underground Wine Journal on Madeira Parties. These parties were very important in the eastern United States during the early 1800's, and the article discusses the parties and the history of Madeira. http://www.klwines.com/underground/XVIII_No_5/madeira.asp

Marsovin is one of the two largest wine producers on Malta; the other is Emmanuel Delicata. Together, these two wineries make about 90 percent of the wine on Malta.

The Maryland Grape Growers Association sponsors this informative site about wine from Maryland. The history section makes for interesting reading: "[T]he earliest recorded instance of winemaking in the region was in 1648, when Tenis Palee made wine from Native American grapes. Fourteen years later, at the behest of Lord Baltimore, Governor Charles Calvert planted 200 acres of European grapes - the first European grapes in Maryland - on the east bank of the St. Mary's River." http://www.marylandwine.com/

Mendocino County (California)
The Mendocino Wine Affair is a very good example of a website devoted to a single wine region: events, facts, history, areas, members, travel and more. Somewhat erratically maintained, but very useful content.

The website of the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council links to all of the Michigan wineries and argues convincingly that they are located in some of the most beautiful parts of the state. This is an excellent example of a regional wine site.

Believe it or not, Missouri used to be one of the world's major wine-making regions, and there are still some mighty good wineries in the Show-Me state. You can learn all about it on the Wine Country of Missouri page. Great sound effects.

The official tourist site of Moldova has some interesting articles on wine in Moldova, including links to Food and Wine, The Wine Road and The Wine Route. (Each page can be found on the front page in English.) http://www.turism.md/eng

Monterey Wine Country
The Monterey Wine Country website could act as a model for regional wine sites, containing a great deal of useful information about this Californi wine area, including maps, history, appellations, touring, events and more. http://www.wines.com/monterey/

Mount Veeder
Mount Veeder is the smallest appellation in Napa Valley; it is located in the southeastern portion of the Mayacamas mountains which divide Napa and Sonoma Counties. Mount Veeder is a 2,677-foot-high volcanic peak -- named for a 19th century Presbyterian pastor who enjoyed hiking in the area. http://www.mountveederwines.com/

Napa Valley
vineSwinger is based in the Napa Valley of California... and is growing outward from there. Its mission is to be an enlightening, funny, entertaining, totally wired wine and food site. Its aim is to demystify wine and food jargon and to make the wine drinking experience a sensual celebration of life. Its interactive map of the valley is extraordinary. http://www.vineswinger.com/

Napa Valley (Silverado Trail)
A basic overview of the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley, "the road less travelled." A short history, a good map, and links to some of the leading wineries.

Napa Valley Grape Growers Association
The Napa Valley Grape Growers Association is another site devoted to this important wine making area. The maps are particularly good. http://www.napagrowers.org/

Napa Valley Vintners Association
The Napa Valley Vintners Association is a very stylish site devoted to the members and activities of its members. "To a wine grape, it's Eden." To a human, it's informative and fun. http://www.napavintners.com/index.html

Napa Valley.com
Napa Valley.com is an excellent starting point for learning about this important wine producing area. Comprehensive and up to date. http://www.napavalley.com/

The NWGGA was formed in 1997 by James A Jeffers as a non-profit organization to promote and encourage participation in the Nebraska wine and grape industry. http://www.nwgga.org/

New Jersey
The Garden State Wine Growers Association maintains an excellent site covering the 18 wineries in New Jersey. History, wineries, festivals, wine trails, recipes, wine reviews. An excellent survey and introduction to the area.

New Mexico
The New Mexico Wine Growers Association maintains an excellent website devoted to New Mexico wine. Tours, festivals, links to wineries, history, useful links. A model small production area site.

New Mexico
Viva New Mexico has divided the state into three regions, and covers each in some depth on this well done travel site.

New York
The New York Wine and Grape Foundation's Website features its "Uncork New York" campaign with lots of information about the Empire State's wines and wineries.

New Zealand
New Zealand's newest wine region is featured in Roger Gibson's Central Otago Wine Cellar, with detailed information on all aspects of the wine industry in Central Otago.

New Zealand - Wine Institute of New Zealand
The Wine Institute of New Zealand is a first-rate source of information and notes about New Zealand and its wines.

New Zealand - Wine of the Week
This category gives me another chance to mention Sue Courtney's excellent Wine of the Week, filled with information and links about New Zealand wines, as well as much else.

New Zealand - Wines of NZ.
Wines of NZ provides information and links to New Zealand's main wine producing regions and its best wines and wineries.

North Carolina
On the Vine is a hard-copy magazine devoted to what's happening in the North Carolina wine country: news, index and guide to all NC wineries, calendar of events, a little politics, a little food, insights from the outside, guest columnists' reviews of NC wines. The online version contains the complete text of the magazine. Stlyish and very well done. http://onthevine.net/

North Carolina
The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services maintains an interesting site devoted to wine in this state. The section on Muscadines, or Scuppernongs, is particularly interesting. http://www.ncwine.org//

The Ohio Wine Producers Association maintains a charming and stylish site related to Ohio wines. http://www.ohiowines.org

Wine Rack, the largest independent retailer of wine in Ontario, Canada, maintains a substantial archive of information about the wines of Ontario. Click on its Wine Facts link.

Grape Growers of Ontario is the website of the more than 500 Grape Growers and Viticulturalists in the province of Ontario, Canada. Their goal is to provide interesting and up-to-date information about grapes grown in Ontario, and the wines, juices and other products made from them. http://www.grapegrowersofontario.com

Wines of Oregon is maintained by 168 wineries located in Oregon. Wineries, tasting notes, research, travel information, events. Well presented.

Oregon Wine Report
The Oregon Wine Report is published five times a year for the consumer of Oregon's fine wines. Coverage is comprehensive and detailed. Recommended for anyone interested in the wines of Oregon. http://www.oregonwinereport.com/

Pacific North West
Wine Press Northwest is a glossy quarterly focusing on Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia's winemakers and their wineries, and vintners and restaurants that showcase Northwest wines. The full text of back issues is online, and there are many excellent features, including wine travel and tasting notes. An excellent weekly email carries up-to-date information about the Pacific North West. http://www.winepressnw.com/

Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association
The Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association maintains a very informative site, with especially good descriptions of the wineries in this up and coming area. http://www.pasowine.com/

Patagonia-Argenian.com is a travel site for this fascinating part of the world. Among other wonders of the area, Jorge Impellizzeri writes about wine production in the valleys of Rio Negro and Rio Colorado valleys. http://www.patagonia-argentina.com/i/content/vinos.htm

The Pennsylvania Wine Home Page covers the wine growing and wine making scene in Pennslyvania. A well done regional site.

InfoPort Wine is an initiative of Port lovers Elly and Herman Gerdingh, a couple from Deventer, The Netherlands. They say they like and are interested in Port, and would like to read everything that is written about Port. If they have their way, you'll be able to read it all on their appealing site. http://www.infoportwine.com/

Portugal -- Port
The Port Appreciation Site has some general information and vintage reports.

Portugal -- Port
The Port Wine Institute site is promotional in nature (not exactly a surprise), but has some good information on the region and producers. In English, French and Portuguese.

Portugal -- Port
The Symington Group sponsors The Vintage Port Site, which although commercial, contains a great deal of useful information. Most impressive is a vintage chart for Port going back to 1900. You can obtain interesting information about the climatic conditions in each year, and there is substantial information about purchasing, storing and enjoying port. Two forums on Port generally and tasting notes. Apparently in English only.

Red Rioja
In their words: Red Rioja "has cultural and tourist routes for groups and individual people. Moreover Red Rioja offers the possibility of having tittle guides for the routes, booked visits to the wineries, monuments, tasting of wines and typical food from our region in restaurants or wineries from this area. Also we offer wine-tasting courses and possibility of buying typicalthings from these places." The maps are excellent. In English and Spanish. http://www.redrioja.com/

Rhone Wines is somewhat dated in parts, but contains an enormous amount of useful information. I particularly liked the eleven wine routes and the lists of AOCs and producers. In French and in English.

Inter Rhône is the official website of the Interprofession des Vins AOC Côtes du Rhône & Vallée du Rhône. This is an excellent source of first rate information on this important wine region. http://www.vins-rhone.com/

Russian River Valley Winegrowers
The Russian River Valley Winegrowers website is a stylish introduction to this California valley. http://www.rrvw.org/

Russian River Wine Road
The Russian River Wine Road was established in 1980, as an association of wineries and lodgings in the Alexander, Dry Creek, and Russian River Valley appellations of Northwest Sonoma County. The Wine Road has a membership of over 70 wineries, and 36 lodgings. The website is a very helpful resource for anyone interested in the area. http://www.wineroad.com/

Rutherford District
It's always gratifying when someone takes your advice, and even more gratifying when that advice turns out well. The Rutherford Dust Society, an association of growers and vintners in the Rutherford District of Napa Valley, asked members of WLDG about the early version of their website. With some of their ideas, and lots of their own, the Society has put together a beautiful website with a map of each holding, an interesting history of the area, a list of all of the Rutherford growers and vintners, and much, much more. A copy of the map is available for $30, proceeds benefiting the Society.

Santa Barbara County
The Los Olivos Wine and Spirits Emporium is bursting with Santa Barbara County pages on local climate, soil and geography; it also has a definitive guide to local wine tasting opportunities. (And, of course, it carries Tom Hill's great articles.)

Santa Barbara County
The Santa Barbara County Wine Guide is a slick and informative guide to this home of three American Viticultural Areas, Santa Maria Valley, Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Rita Hills, and shares the Central Coast AVA with six other counties. http://www.sbcountywine.com/

Santa Cruz Mountains Wine Growers Association
The Santa Cruz Mountains wine appellation begins in San Francisco and stretches south for 60 miles. This wine region specializes in small, ruggedly individual wineries and wine makers. The Santa Cruz Mountains Wine Growers Association makes a good effort at making the area better known. http://www.webwinery.com/scmwa/

Slovenian wines won't seem unfamiliar to anyone accustomed to the wines of Italy or France - they're dry, fruity and well balanced, with the modestly priced wines from the grower cooperatives in Dobrovo and Vipava now coming out in the straightforward international style of many other world wines, and the higher-end wines from private makers like Movia, Simcic and Dolfo in Goriska Brda being fully competitive with artisanal wine makers around the world. If you would like to learn more about Slovenian wine from the source, the privately run Wines of Slovenia site offers many articles in English about the country's wine and tourism.

Sonoma County Grape Growers Association
The Sonoma County Grape Growers Association provides an excellent overview of Sonoma County and its wine regions. Excellent features on wines, wineries and grape vine growing in the area. http://www.sonomagrapevine.org/

Sonoma County Vintners & Growers Alliance
The Sonoma County Vintners & Growers Alliance provides another view of grapes and wines in this area. http://www.sonomavalleywine.com/

Sonoma County Wineries Association
Sonoma County is located about an hour north of San Francisco. The Sonoma County Wineries Association considers the area to be "the Provence of Califronia", and it does a great job of describing the wineries, Wine Center and wine events in the County. http://www.sonomawine.com/

South Africa
KWV is the leading wine producer in South Africa. The website is heavy on the activities of the company, but has some useful information about South African wine, especially from Paarl.

South Africa
South African Wine bills itself as the comprehensive site for the wines of South Africa, and it comes very, very close. A commercial site, with a monthly newsletter.

South Africa
This is a commercial site selling wine from South Africa. It also includes substantial information about the country and its wines, including maps and wine-touring advice.

South Africa
This German language site is a superb resource for anyone interest in the wines of South Africa. It covers the area in great depth with descriptions and pictures of over 50 wineries, and is easy to navigate. Highly recommended. http://www.sa-weine.de/

South Africa
The Pinotage Association of South Africa is dedicated to the history and development of Pinotage. Great scholarship and many useful links for those interested in this variety. http://www.pinotage.co.za/

Classical Wines, Ltd., a fine, reliable importer based in Seattle, is now on the Web with this stylish site, which includes a handy, attractive and quick-loading map of Spain and its major wine regions, linked to comprehensive reports on the wines that the firm imports.

El Mundo Vino is the online wine page of the leading Spanish newspaper, and is edited by Victor de la Serna. It carries a myriad of excellent articles on Spanish and world winemaking and viticulture. There are also links to other articles, and an active forum for discussing wine. In Spanish only. http://www.elmundovino.com/elmundovino/

The Best Spanish Wines is a database of the wines of Spain, permitting searches by Top 10 red and white. You can search by name, grape, place of origin, price, type, and rating. The database also includes details about regions of production and contact information for the producers. http://www.bestspanishwines.com/

Spain - Sherry
Although it's a commercial site with an obvious interest in selling its product, Emilio Lustau's Sherries are among the best ... and this site offers a lot of good educational information about Sherry generally.

Spain - Sherry
Harveys of Bristol, a historic British wine merchant, tells the story of its history in the Spain - Sherry trade between Spain and England, and much more about Sherry as well.

Spain - Sherry
The Consejo Regulador DO Jerez-Sherry y Manzanilla is the official Sherry regulatory body. Its site (with background music that you can turn off by clicking your browser's "Stop" button) is available in English, French and Spanish.

Spain - Sherry
Fedejerez is the association of the most important shippers, controlling something like 90% of the industry (although there are notable opt-outs due to internal politics). A useful list of names and addresses, and with some helpful information on Sherry. http://www.fedejerez.com/

Spain - Sherry
"The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Alan Poe is one of the all-time great bits of wine fiction. "'You jest,' he exclaimed, recoiling a few paces. 'But let us proceed to the Amontillado.'" http://www.poedecoder.com/essays/cask/

Swiss Wine is maintained by an association of young winegrowers in Switzerland, and contains an excellent collection of links devoted to Swiss wines. The history of wine in Switzerland is particularly good.

Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association
The Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association provides an interesting overview of this Southern California grape and wine region. http://www.temeculawines.org/

Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association
The Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association maintains a list of wineries, descriptions of their wines and a list of events. http://www.tennesseewines.com/

Tennessee Wineries
Tennessee Wineries provides a short history and a list of wineries in the state. http://picktnproducts.org/wineries/

Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University sponsors an institute devoted to fostering economic development and growth of the Texas wine and wine grape industry. The site is filled with information about the Texas wine industry, including an excellent map of the wineries in the state. http://www.hs.ttu.edu/TexasWine/

Texas Wine Trails
They're making excellent wine in the Lone Star State, but most of us don't get to taste it because they keep almost all of it at home for their own enjoyment. For a vicarious experience, at least, or to plan a visit, see Texas Wine Trails. http://www.texaswinetrails.com/

The Tokaj wine region is located 125 miles east of Budapest, Hungary. Part of the Hungarian national anthem: "Thou hast made nectar drip out of the vines of Tokaj." http://www.wines.com/tokaj/tokaj.html

United States
Bob Hodge started All American Wineries because he believes directory listings of wineries were not as complete as purported. He's been working his way across the U.S., and listing wineries in each state. A useful site to visit if you are travelling and looking for a winery on your route. Bob also provides virtual homes for a few wineries until they establish their own.

Wines of Uruguay is a stylish site devoted to this up and coming wine region, located in the wine making latitudes of Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. http://www.winesofuruguay.com/

Wine Envoy, an Australian/New Zealand travel specialist, maintains an excellent list of AVAs in the US.

The Wine Institute has an interesting description of US AVAs.

Vintage Virginia is a portal to wineries and to wine festivals in Virginia. http://www.vintagevirginia.org/

Virginia - About Virginia Wine
About Virginia Wine is Rob Roy's testimony to his love for Virginia wine. A comprehensive source of information with excellent links.

Virginia Wine Guide
The Virginia Wine Guide is a stylish guide to the wines of Virginia. Tasting notes, features on wineries, wine news, directory of restaurants, all beautifully presented. http://www.virginiawineguide.com/

The Washington Wine Commission maintains an excellent website devoted to the second largest wine producing state, complete with an effective search engine to the site. http://www.washingtonwine.org/

Washington State Wineries
Washington State Wineries: The Definitive Guide to the Wineries of Washington State is just that. This thorough list offers details of all wineries in Washington (including defunct wineries), and info about their winemakers, wines, tasting room hours and how to get there (with maps), and much more. Mike Lempriere, the webmaster, has lots of interesting stuff at his home page, vinous and otherwise. http://vintners.net/wawine/

Wine Regions of the World
Wine Regions of the World is a stylish site with an interactive map that covers many of the regions of the world. Many of the descriptions are fairly short, but the information appears accurate. These folks also set up the excellent www.history-of-wine.com .

Seagram's About Wines site has an excellent overview of the major wine regions of the World. This particular page is constantly updated. Strongly recommended for a superb overview. http://www.aboutwines.com/home/reference/regions/index.html?

With only two wineries, Zimbabwe is hardly a household name in the wine world. Nonetheless, the site is hosted by Monty Friendship, a writer and television personality devoted to wine. Worth a visit, if only to brush up on your wine trivia.

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