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The Best of the Web

Blue Wine.com
Blue Wine.com is based in Bordeaux and in Montreal and is available in English and in French. Thousands of wine related websites, with an excellent search engine as well as organized by 180 categories. Very strong in French language sites.

Cyber Bacchus
Gilles Dumangin's Cyber Bacchus, billed as "The Internet Wine Portal," offers a vast and carefully organized hierarchical directory of wine links, along with lots of other goodies ranging from electronic wine postcards and a wine quiz to a unique online wine crossword puzzle.

Dean Tudor's Wines, Beers and Spirits
Dean Tudor's Wines, Beers and Spirits, one of the earliest wine sites on the Web, is straightforward, fast and simple: Text links, arranged alphabetically, and hundreds of them, covering virtually all Web wine links except wine merchants. http://www.ryerson.ca/~dtudor/wine.htm

eHotelier.com has gathered together a large number of links of interest to hoteliers and their employees. Their wine links are especially strong in Champagne and wineries. http://ehotelier.com/browse/wine.htm

Enology Database
The Enology Database may be the "Yahoo" of wines. Wines, winemaking, wine information, wine links, wine research -- it's all here in a searchable database or through a hierarchical index. http://www.arq.net/db/enology/

French Connection
French Connection is a straight forward list in English of MANY links to French wine sites, both wine-information and wineries.

Internet Wine Guide.com
The Internet Wine Guide.com promises "Instant Access to All Major Wine Sites of the World". Very fast, and a very large collection, with some interesting articles on various aspects of wine. http://www.internetwineguide.com/index.htm

Librarian's Index to the Internet
The extremely picky Librarian's Index to the Internet listed in March 2001, a total of eleven content rich wine sites (including WLP we are happy to report). The site is often updated, and often reduces the number of recommended sites. (This is a great site if you are searching for content rich sites on topics other than wines.)

Olio Li Bassi
Olio Li Bassi is a collection of links (in Italian and English) collected with an emphasis on Italian food and wine. There is a forum for discussing things Italian, and some useful cooking tips. http://www.buonappetitoate.com/

Sonoma County Wine Library
Bo Simons, wine librarian at the Sonoma County Wine Library maintains an excellent list of websites devoted to wine. http://www.sonoma.lib.ca.us/wine.html

Vine2Wine.com may be the Web's most impressive catalog of links. User-friendly and stylish in its design, it subdivides wine sites into categories, each listed alphabetically. Warning: Hit this link only if you have a lot of time on your hands! http://www.vine2wine.com/

WinoNet is maintained by John Hubers and Ginny Morrison. They have organized their their links under six major categories, and have a very useful search engine for the entire collection. Quite intuitive to use, and many excellent links. http://www.wino.net/

The Rest of the Web

California Wine and Food
California Wine and Food has gathered a large number of wine links from around the world. It also carries a number of articles dealing with California wines and dining. http://www.californiawineandfood.com

Ciao*Italyis a list of wine sites devoted to Italian wines. Many are in Italian, but the site is being constantly updated, and even the Italian only sites have much of interest to English speaking wine lovers. From the first page, click on Ciao Italy, and then on Wine near the bottome of the second page. http://www.ciao-italy.com/

Purple Pages
Purple Pages is another comprehensive list of wine links, nicely organized.

TBM's Wine Links
TBM's Wine Links is a good, comprehensive listing of links only, with no real descriptions or reviews of the sites. There is a symbol system that marks "especially interesting or comprehensive sites" with a star and reports the primary language of the site. Search engine and a good subject index.

Travel Envoy's Wine Guide
Travel Envoy's Wine Guide says it has the names and addresses of "over 5,500 wineries worldwide, and 3,000 links to wine and winery sites." http://www.travelenvoy.com/wine.htm

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