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Bacchus Antiques
Bacchus Antiques deals only in antique corkscrews. The website is stylish, the content is good, and the stock is substantial. "The corkscrew is an instrument of common sense, with which obstacles on the path to enjoyment are removed" - Anon. Recommended.

Joe Paradi's Website is all about the corkscrew. The site is called the CorkscrewNet, and it offers corkscrew-related materials: books, articles, monographs, museum locations, corkscrew clubs, links, stories about famous collectors, sources, research sites, E-mail addresses, information on how to care for and keep track of collections plus corkscrew sales, auctions and trading opportunities. Comprehensive.

Vintage Antiques
Vintage Antiques is run by Dean Walters in San Anselmo California. Dean is a very knowledgeable dealer in antique and collectible wine and Champagne related items, and his online catalog makes for entrancing viewing. Dean has a special love for ephemera and advertising from pre-Prohibition California wineries and wine merchants. His site contains a series of fascinating pictures of this material; the label for California port from KOHLER & FROHLING, circa 1870's, is stunning. Dean maintains an excellent gallery of corkscrews, and an interesting news page for collectors interested in this material. Very highly recommended. http://home.pacbell.net/dean_w/index.html

Virtual Corkscrew Museum
Don Bull's Virtual Corkscrew Museum is the ultimate corkscrew site, with just about anything you'd ever want to know about getting the cork out of the bottle. http://bullworks.net/virtual.htm

The Rest of the Web

"Finely Corked" Boutique
The "Finely Corked" Boutique is a commercial website with a wide range of corkscrews and other wine accessories. There is a modest collection of educational articles and some good wine links. http://www.finelycorked.com

Corkscrew.com is operated out of the San Francisco Bay Area by Raj & Justine Kanodia. They have been collecting corkscrews for over twenty years. An excellent overview of types of corkscrews and some interesting information on California wines. http://www.corkscrew.com/

World of Corkscrews
Alf Erickson's World of Corkscrews is another excellent site run by a very serious collector who's proud of his corkscrew collection and uses the Web to good advantage to share it with anyone who's interested. http://www.corkscrew-balloon.com/cork/

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