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The Best of the Web

BIVB, the Bureau Interprofessionel des Vins de Bourogne, is a quasi-governmental organization devoted to the regional management of the Burgundy wine sector. The site is stylishly presented and filled with content on grape varieties, geology, history, vineyards, appellations, wine makers, grape growers, and much more. An outstanding resource for anyone interested in this fascinating area. In French, English and Japanese. http://www.bivb.com

Institut Jules Guyot
Institut Jules Guyot opened in September 1994 as a department of the University of Burgundy. It has a double mission: education and research, focussed on vine and wine issues of Northern France. It intends to match the existing research institutes for Bordeaux and Montpellier. Research studies are available online.

Oregon State University
The Oregon State University Extension Service's North Willamette Research and Extension Center Northwest Berry & Grape InfoNet offers extensive, detailed information for fruit and grape growers, including crop recommendations, product and market reports, research, weather and climate information, E-mail and discussion groups and much more.

Origins and Ancient History of Wine
Origins and Ancient History of Wine, a presentation by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, is one of my absolute favorite wine-related sites. Thoughtfully and intelligently "curated," it is nothing less than a thorough yet readable overview of the history and archaeology of wine in ancient times. The site maintains a fairly active Forum with some interesting historical discussions of wine. Also includes a brief description of archaeological chemistry a process for determining from what time and space are these archaeological finds.

PetiteSirah.com is a retail/email wine dealer specializing in Petite Sirah. The site is filled with content about wines made from this grape, and demonstrate the commitment of a true enthusiast. http://www.PetiteSirah.com

Texas Winegrape Network
The Texas Winegrape Network was created for Texas winegrowers, most of the high quality content is appropriate for grape growers throughout the U.S. The collection of links to sites of interest to winegrape growers is particularly strong. The site is maintained by Ed Hellman, Associate Professor of Viticulture, Texas A&M University, who also the Northwest Berry & Grape Infonet, which is favorably reviewed on these pages. Highly recommended. http://winegrapes.tamu.edu

UC Davis
The UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Oenology is a very large site with a wealth of information, including a page of information about Professor Ann Noble's Aroma Wheel. A plastic laminate costs $6 for US consumers, $7 international, including postage, tax and handling - a bargain.

The Sonoma County Wine Library established Winefiles.org to catalog its articles on wine, winemaking, grape growing, the wine business and the history of wine. Its interactive database includes citations, abstracts and links to articles in technical and academic journals as well as the mass media, with an emphasis on California documents but a worldwide reach. The results are abstracts only - to see the full articles, you still must travel to the Wine Library in Healdsburg, and look up the print articles on file. But the abstracts alone are worth the visit to this intriguing site, not to mention the joy of surfing from cross-reference to cross-reference until your fingers and brain get tired. Searchable. Maintained by Wine Librarian, Bo Simons. http://www.winefiles.org

The Rest of the Web

Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
The Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology was founded in 1980 as a non-political organisation to serve the interests of practising winemakers and viticulturists by encouraging the exchange of technical information. The Society's Journal is excellent, but unfortunately posted on the website. The most interesting section to a non-member is the News and Events section, which is current on a number of technical issues on wines around the world. http://www.asvo.com.au/

Cornell University
Cornell University's Food Science & Technology Department's Web page provides contacts with Cornell wine researchers. "Devoted to New York agriculture, including grapes and wines."

Greek Vitis Database
Greek Vitis Database is a multimedia web-backed genetic database for germplasm management of Vitis resources in Greece. It is maintained by Francois LEFORT and Kalliopi A. ROUBELAKIS-ANGELAKIS, Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology, Department of Biology, University of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, Greece. This site is highly technical, but a fascinating insight into information about Greek cultivars including genetic data and ampelographic data. The authors promise the databases will be upgraded permanently along with the production and publication of new data. There is also an excellent compilation of other scientific databases devoted to grape vines. In English. http://www.biology.uoc.gr/gvd/

L'Academie du Vin de Bordeaux
L'Academie du Vin de Bordeaux's website is in French only, but has some useful vintage rating information which is easy to understand even with no knowledge of French. The history of Brodeaux section is quite good, but a working knowledge of French is required. Additional languages and resources are promised in the future. http://academie.vins-bordeaux.fr/

Wine Grape Network
The Wine Grape Network is a joint effort by Penn State Cooperative Extension and the Southeast Grape Association. Mark Chien is in charge of the site and is committed to "help growers improve their yeild, make a profit, and get more out of the overall viticultural experience." The site is very well done, with a great deal of excellent information. Chien's mentor is "Ed Hellman [who] created the best regional site in the business--it is worth buying a computer and internet service just to use this tool and others." (Hellman's site, the Northwest Grape and Berry Information Network, is reviewed in the Best section.) Well worth a visit if you have any interest in how grapes are grown. http://winegrape.cas.psu.edu/about/index.html

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