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Avalon is a wine and food retailer located in Corvallis Oregon. The stocks of both are very impressive, and the site is filled with informative articles, primarily about Oregon wines, but with much information on wines and events throughout the Northwest and beyond. A very friendly and customer oriented site with excellent search engines. The site also contains a remarkable number of excellent articles on wines from around the world. Highly recommended. http://www.avalonwine.com/

Fred McMillin
The Global Gourmet, a commercial site, featured Fred McMillin's WineDay, a daily wine review, until the beginning of 2001 when it became a weekly and changed its name to WineWeek. Both versions are archived on the site, with WineDay columns at http://www.globalgourmet.com/food/wineday/.

Jerry Mead
This is a little eerie, but my respect for Jerry Mead requires that I post this collection of many of his columns written three years before his death. The columns are presented by wines.com, and the introductory material reads as if Jerry were still alive. However introduced, the articles are excellent.

John Gilman
Artisan Wines has a fine collection of articles by John Gilman. Although John is no longer with Aritisan Wines, you'll find a wealth of wine notes on older vintages through the links under "Opened Bottles" on the right side of the page. http://www.aoweb.com/vault.html

Johnathon Alsop
Johnathon Alsop posts the best of his columns (which run in almost 100 newspapers) on his "In Vino Veritas" website. Food and wine pairings, wine tastings, events in the Boston area, all written in a graceful, straight forward style. His wine cellar webcam page is priceless.

Life of Reiley
Life of Reiley is the web page of Amy Reiley, who "celebrates the good life as part of every day life." Her work appears on the website and in The Wine News, New York Times and Sunset to Daily Candy and Las Vegas Magazine. Reiley is also the creator of Amy Reiley's Pocket Vineyard and Amy Reiley's Pocket Gourmet, the first comprehensive food and wine programs for PDA's. http://www.lifeofreiley.com

Thor Iverson
One of the most witty and literate wine writers I know, Thor Iverson, shows his stuff in the Boston Phoenix. Don't miss it!

Whitely on Wine
Whitely on Wine is Robert Whitely web page, with links to his newspaper articles and webcast radio shows devoted to wine. His columns are distributed to more than 1,500 media outlets worldwide through the Copley News Service, and appear regularly in the San Diego Union-Tribune, where Robert has been the resident wine authority for the past decade.

WineStar Reading Room
The WineStar Reading Room is maintained by a retail wine store in Australia. "These are Real articles written by Real people." WLDG regular Ric Einstein's contributions are particularly hilarious. http://www.winestar.com.au/

The Rest of the Web

Bennet and Sheila Bodenstein
Syndicated columnists Bennet and Sheila Bodenstein share their literate wine commentary in "On Wine."

Dan Berger
Drink Wine is a sister site to a California wine country travel company and has some interesting descriptions of California wineries. Featured are the columns of Dan Berger and various suggestions about vinous matters from winemakers -- a list of wine books recommended by Sutter Home, for example.

Detroit News Wine Report
The Detroit News Wine Report is one of the more comprehensive daily-newspaper wine sections around. It's heavy on Michigan wine and winery information but also includes thorough international wine reporting by the News's wine writers Sandra Silfven and Lawrence B. Johnson as well as an archive of columns by Gannett's somewhat less persuasive wine columnist Frank Sutherland. http://info.detnews.com/wine/index.cfm

Frank Sutherland
Frank Sutherland's weekly columns can be found at Rochester Dines.

Sally's Place
Sally's Place has been online since November, 1994, and features up-to-date news, insiderís scoop, and feature articles by a team of writers on food, beverages, restaurants, and travel. The wine site contains a number of interesting articles, and features regular tasting notes by Steve Pitcher.

Steve Reiss
Steve Reiss, the Aspen wine guru, has his Buyers and Cellars wine E-zine online. Very good content, but no longer appears to be regularly updated.

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