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Art, Vin and Table
Art, Vin and Table is located in Paris, and has put together a lovely collection of wine related paintings, statues and other collectibles. http://www.art-vin-table.com/

AW Shadows
AW Shadows makes and sells one-of-a-kind hand carved wine barrels, lovely additions to wine tasting rooms or wine lovers dens or offices. http://awshadows.com/

Claes Löfgren
Claes Löfgren is a professional photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. For several years he has specialized in photos of the wine world, and has since traveled in almost every country that produces wine. His pictures are published in magazines and wine books in Scandinavia, Germany , Great Britain and USA. He has published some of his most beautiful pictures on his website, and also writes about his journeys. http://www.winepictures.com/

Clos Pegase Winery
When touring in the Napa Valley and if you're into modern art, Clos Pegase Winery makes a nice double with Hess Collection described below. The art collection is smaller but significant, and the winery itself is an architectural landmark by Michael Graves. The wines are decent if not "cult" stuff. http://www.clospegase.com/

COPIA, The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts, describes itself as "the world's leading cultural center dedicated to the discovery, understanding and celebration of wine, food and the arts in American culture."

It is located on 12 acres and includes auditorium, concert terraces, demonstration kitchen, classrooms, restaurant, gift shop, exhibition galleries, resource center and gardens, COPIA presents an array of public programs, including films, classes, readings, lectures, demonstrations, tastings, and workshops. Its over-all focus is to explore American culture, highlighting American innovations and investigating its distinctive approach to food and drink. The website features a virtual tour.

Creative Arts
Creative Arts produces and sells distinctive gifts and accessories decorated by some excellent artists: Guy Buffet, Erika Oller, H. Hargrove, Karen Brussat Butler, Burton Morris, and Misha Ambrosia. The series of the six S's napkins by Karen Butler is not only beautiful but educational: one is reminded to See, Swirl, Smell, Sip, Savor and Summarize. And the faces are priceless -- they'll cause you to add a seventh S -- a smile. http://www.creative-arts.com/

di Rosa Preserve
We really can't improve on di Rosa Preserve's description of their incredible site: "The di Rosa Preserve houses one of the largest regional art collections in the country. Amassed throughout the last forty years, the di Rosa collection represents the most extensive gathering of contemporary California Bay Area art available anywhere in the world. Entirely surrounded by vineyards and studded with hundreds of 150-year old olive trees, the Preserve's 250 acre setting is utterly unique. A 35-acre lake, a 130-year old stone winery turned residence and nearly 2,000 works by some 750 artists makes the di Rosa experience an unparalleled art & nature oasis." http://www.dirosapreserve.org/

Elihu Vedder
From the Smithsonian's online introduction: "From the moment of its publication, Elihu Vedder's Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám achieved unparalleled success. The first edition appeared in Boston on 8 November 1884; six days later, it was sold out. Critics rushed to acclaim it as a masterwork of American art, and Vedder (1836 - 1923) as the master American artist. Now, over a hundred years after their first publication, all of Vedder's designs for the book, except the small publisher's mark, are available online from the Smithsonian American Art Museum's collection." Beautifully presented. http://www.nmaa.si.edu/collections/exhibits/vedder/

Hess Collection
One of my favorite Napa wineries for a visit is well away from the crowd, but it's worth a side trip: The Hess Collection is up the side of Mount Veeder, high above the valley, but it's only about a 20-minute side trip up Redwood from the city of Napa. Located in a historic stone building, it contains a good, quick but informative slide show and self-guided tour; there's also a small but excellent modern-art collection on the top floors. And yes, the wine is good.

Hess Collection
The Hess Collection maintains a beautiful gallery of contemporary paintings and sculpture at its tasting facility in the Napa Valley. The online site displays many of the works. http://www.hesscollection.com/

Imagery Estate Winery
The Imagery Estate Winery sells only estate wines, and only at the winery itself. Each wine has a label commissioned by the winery and created by a different artist. The onsite gallery -- beautifully designed with excellent views of the winery and the vineyards -- contains the original works, the world's largest collection of original art for wine labels. Most of the images are displayed on the website.

International Vintage Poster Fair
I've always been fascinated by those large advertising posters for wines, although I could never think of a place where I could put them. International Vintage Poster Fair features dozens of dealers in original advertising posters as well as some very nice reproductions that will fit on your computer screen. http://www.posterfair.com/

Kent Collection
The Kent Collection is a world-class private collection of antique Claret Jugs. The collection includes some of the finest silver-mounted glass claret jugs in the world. This is a complete labor of love -- none are for sale. There is an excellent history of the objects, beautiful reproductions, and an efficient search engine. A fascinating stop on the internet, demonstrating once more the complexity of wine and objects related to wine. http://www.claretjugs.com/

Lungarotti maintains an interesting wine museum in the Graziani-Baglioni Palace (17th century) in Torgiano, Umbria, Italy. The collection features many examples of pottery with oenological themes from the 13th to the 20th century, including Cycladic jugs, Hittite vases, Attic kylixes, Etruscan bronzes, wine amphorae and Roman glassware. Examples from the collection are changed monthly on the website. In Italian and English. http://www.lungarotti.it/

Mouton Rothschild
The Museum of Art in Wine at Chateau http://www.bpdr.com/ includes paintings, porcelain, ceramics, glassware, bronzes, ivories, sculputre and tapestries. Guided tours of the chateau include the Museum of Art; there is an interactive tour located at the website. http://www.bpdr.com/

Mumm Cuvee Napa
Mumm Cuvee Napa Main Gallery rotates exhibits 4-5 times per year, including "The Mustard Festival Photo Finish," the grand finale to the annual Mustard Festival held each March-April in Napa Valley. The Private Collection Gallery exhibits Ansel Adams' photographs, including many of the "Classic Images" that Ansel Adams produced for exhibition only and not for sale. http://www.mummcuveenapa.com

Omni Resources Maps
Omni Resources Maps has been recommended by a number of WLDG readers as an excellent source for maps in general and wine maps in particular, a question that comes up a lot. Omnimap's catalog wine maps includes maps of (and some sub-regions within) California, Oregon, Australia, Europe overall, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Moravia, Slovenia and South Africa. http://www.omnimap.com/

Thomas Arvid
Thomas Arvid calls himself "America's Preeminent Painter of Wine." In fact, his realistic paintings of wine and wine scenes have attracted a devoted following of wine lovers. And, he is certainly one himself: "Life without art is like dinner without wine. Why bother?" http://www.thomasarvid.com/

Wine Graphics, Clip Art and Themes
Lisa Shea, Guide to Wine on About.com, has put together a great collection of Wine Graphics, Clip Art and Themes. She writes: "Every wine drinker loves wine graphics. The background on my PC is of Chardonnay vines. I send friends on line postcards with gorgeous vineyards under a warm sun. Even the games I play on line have grape themes! Here is a giant collection of wine, winery, grape, bottle, and glass artwork. If you're looking for something in particular, let me know! I probably have it on line somewhere. These pictures were taken with my current digital camera, the Sony Mavica FD91. I completely love this camera, it makes taking photos effortless. And the Zoooooom ..." A very useful collection. http://wine.about.com/food/wine/library/bl_graphics.htm?pid=2751&cob=home

Joe Coulombe founded Trader Joe's Company in 1958 and ran it until he quit in 1989. "Trader Joe's built its name first on wines, then on foods. During my years as Trader Joe, I tasted at least 100,000 wines. Most of them were not terrific, but on the other hand most samples were submitted by vintners who were desperate for money. That's how Trader Joe's got those low prices. That's also how I learned that a lot of wines that are marginal can be very good--if served with the right food." Today Joe maintains the stylish Wine.Joe website, devoted to quarterly articles on wine, food, travel and attacking Robert Parker's approach to wine: Joe believes wine must be tasted in connection with food. His travel pictures are excellent, he includes lovely pictures of art, and his articles are controversial and interesting. "The judgmental might say that it's the modern version of vanity publishing. So be it."

The Rest of the Web

Alsto's carries a detailed trompe l'oeil wall mural entitled "Vineyard" (26" W x 39" H), which can be mounted like wallpaper on papered or painted surfaces. http://amos.catalogcity.com/cc.class/cc?a=a&pcd=4978513&prd=7170611&ccsyn=117

"The Terrace at Vernonnet", 1939 Pierre Bonnard. Clicking on the Met's magnifying feature is particularly rewarding in this painting. http://www.metmuseum.org/collections/view1.asp?dep=21&full=1&item=68%2E1

Caravaggio, "The Musicians". Cupid, "who is always in the company of music" (Vasari), is shown at left with a bunch of grapes, "because music was invented to keep spirits happy, as does wine" (Ripa). http://www.metmuseum.org/collections/view1.asp?dep=11&full=1&item=52%2E81

Carol Gillot
Carol Gillot produces beautiful watercolors from organic pigments, and has an impressive list of clients. http://www.carolgillot.com/

Charles Kaufman
The Art of Charles Kaufman is devoted to the work of this painter. There is a gallery devoted to his wine art, and, of course, many canvases are offered for sale. http://www.charleskaufman.com/

Devi: the Great Goddess
The Smithsonian has put together a wonderful exhibit of Devi: the Great Goddess. The paintings are beautiful, and she clearly enjoyed her wine: "Praised by Brahma,/ Madhava, Sharva, Indra/ hailed by the three worlds/ with laughing face/ intoxicated by drinking wine and blood/ she dances with delight." http://www.asia.si.edu/education/devi/

George Washington's Wine Coaster

Historic Fotos
Historic Fotos offers a very nice selection of historic photographs with a wine related theme. http://www.historicfotos.com/

Janet Price
Janet Price is married to married wine merchant Freddy Price, and has made a virtue of travelling with him, by taking superb photographs of vineyards and other wine related subjects. Her illustrations have appeared in many wine books, and she has over 30,000 available for sale on her website. http://www.janetprice.co.uk

Koffman Gallery
Koffman Gallery; Art with a Smile. That says it all. http://www.artwithasmile.com/

Luncheon Still Life
In the Smithsonian's words, Luncheon Still Life, "Artfully arranged in an open-air setting, this opulent buffet reveals the artist's delight in illusionism; the transparent tumbler overlaps the matte pitcher and the straw basket peeks through the wine bottle. Although fanciful, this elaborate, well-ordered meal alludes to mid-century American prosperity and optimism." http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/1001/2000/04/041400.html

"Bacchanal with a Wine Vat", ca. 1490 After Andrea Mantegna. http://www.metmuseum.org/collections/view1.asp?dep=9&full=1&item=1986%2E1159

Medici Wine Cooler
The Wallace Collection is national museum and one of the finest private collection of art ever assembled by one family. This Medici Wine Cooler, and the detailed description, are a fair representation of the treasures here. http://www.wallacecollection.org/e_n/e/p_e/miol/miol_index.htm

Mick Rock
Mick Rock, a British artist specializes in prints related to wine and wineries, food and drink. His prints are on sale (with many images for the viewing) at the Cephas Picture Library.

Red or White
Red or White is a backless metal wall sculpture. http://www.stanges.com/redorwhite.htm

Royal Ontario Museum
The Royal Ontario Museum's exhibit, "Gift of the Gods: The Art of Wine and Revelry", appeared in the summer of 2001 to excellent reviews. The museum has kept online the news release relating to the exhibit and good reproductions of many of the key items. http://www.rom.on.ca/news/releases/public.php3?mediakey=nwnftsl6yn

Still Life with Champagne and Fruit,
"Still Life with Champagne and Fruit,", by Helen Searle, 1869, "presents a realistic glass of champagne awaiting a sip!" http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/1001/2001/08/080401.html

Timothy Lloyd Sculpture
Timothy Lloyd Sculpture is located on California's Central Coast. The works vary in size, and range from serious to whimsical, many with a food or wine theme. http://timlloydsculpture.com/

Vestra Resources
Vestra Resources is a consulting firm specializing in natural resources, agriculture, local government and facilities management applications. They prepare maps on demand, and also offer several beautiful maps of California AVAs on high quality, coated stock. http://www.vestra.com/

The Cleveland Museum of Art has a top flight collection of art, beautifully presented. Their holdings include James McNeil Whistler's etching of a wine glass. http://www.clevelandart.org/Explore/artistwork.asp?artistLetter=W&recNo=27&workRecNo=0

Wine Cellars Innovations
Wine Cellars Innovations is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and comes highly recommended by an online pal. The website certainly displays some beautiful wine racking and wine art for the wine cellar. http://www.winecellarinnovations.com/

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