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ĀvosVins for Windows
Our pal Randy Resnick offers this review of ĀvosVins for Windows, a cellar-management program developed in Quebec: "It has customizable graphic racks to show the locations of the bottles and a pretty decent interface to enter them. You can insert or pull bottles when you buy/consume them. ... The tech support is excellent. They answered email immediately and solved a minor problem within a day. A trial edition is available on the site." The program is "shareware" and is available in English, French and Spanish. It costs $54.95 Canadian, about US$35 or 39 Euros.

Bay Country Liquors
We have applauded Kurt M.'s Bay Country Liquors elsewhere on these pages. Kurt has also put together aa collection of links to software programs that you may find useful when it comes time to computerize your wine collection. As Kurt points out, these reviews are descriptive rather than "Consumer Reports" type reviews by users, which would make for an even more useful reference. But it's still a very helpful resource and definitely the most comprehensive directory of wine-software resources I've seen anywhere. http://www.baycountryliquors.com/softlink.htm

CellarTracker! is both innovative Web-based wine cellar inventory management software and a vibrant community of wine lovers. With thousands of users, more than 95,000 wines and more than a million bottles being tracked, it is fast and easy to register and enter your own virtual cellar. http://www.CellarTracker.com

Indian Wine
Indian Wine is a commercial site in Chicago, Illinois, but is a very good introduction to wines from India. The company also offers the free cellar manager called Vintage Manager. "[It] allows the user to manage the wine inventory for wine collectors and wine cellars. It keeps track of wine inventory, wine type, appellation, grape varieties, price, location quantity and purchase place. Advance tasting notes maintenance feature enable the user to enter multiple notes for wine. Advance features like uploading the data from the shared database using web service. Vintage Manager alerts the user about the wine whether its ready to drink or too late to drink wine. The data also can be viewed from the web." http://www.indianwine.com/vm

Palm OS Wine Enthusiast Guide
The Palm OS Wine Enthusiast Guide is a handheld, computerized version of the Wine Enthusiast's views on thousands of different wines. Tasting notes, personal cellar capabilities, definitions of over 1400 terms, and more. http://www.landware.com/wineguide/

Vineyard Challenge
Vineyard Challenge doesn't really fit this category, but anyone interested in software may be interested in this program. The simulation gives you the chance to run a virtual vineyard, starting today or five years ago. "Before you lies a prime plot of land in one of the great wine regions of California. Your challenge: to nurture a crop of grapes worthy of the finest vintners in the land. Along the way, you'll have to make some tough choices and weather the whims of nature and the marketplace. We'll start you out with enough money to cultivate one tract of land for a five-year span. The game will last for thirty years, until your retirement. You can turn to a futurist for advice if you need a helping hand -- but in the end, the vineyard's success rests on your shoulders. Plant wisely!" Fun and educational.

Vinfolio offers an entirely new way to develop and manage a wine collection. Their cellar management software and collector services help with everything from the fundamentals - buying and selling wine - to highly personalized services like on-site inventorying, collection building, and integrated online cellar management. Look for professional reviews and an automated cellar valuation tool in VinCellar™, their online cellar management software.

Vinote Plus
Vinote Plus is a wine cellar management program from a New Zealand company, which developed the system from one invented by a farmer for tracking his animals. An integral part of the Vinote system are little proprietary tags which are slipped around the necks of bottles and carry barcodes and unique identifiers. While this program is freeware, packs of tags can be ordered from the company. Vinote is aimed at people with medium or small cellars but has no limitations on number of bottles.

WineBase for Windows
Ken Tripp, the Australian developer of WineBase for Windows, makes this excellent wine-cellar management and tasting notes program available online. http://www.winebase.com.au/

WineKeep.com is an interactive personalized inventory system designed to make your current wine journal more dynamic. Your wine inventory is tied to food pairing, wine auctions and recent market prices, graphing systems and much more. And, they have some neat wine quotes: "'Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it." http://winekeep.com/

The Rest of the Web

Bryn Dole is a software and a wine geek. He wrote BottleCount in his spare time to organize his growing wine collection. He's even added the ability to read bar codes to minimize data entry chores. Best of all, the system is completely free.

Cellar Spreadsheet
Bob Ross's Cellar Spreadsheet, an easy, fast way to track your wine collection using any standard spreadsheet program, is available free on Wine Lovers' Page. http://www.wineloverspage.com/rosswine.shtml

Cellar!, a long-established Windows program for wine enthusiasts, is available in a limited demo version at this site so you can try it before committing to buy. http://www.collectware.com/

Home Winemaster
Home Winemaster is a free note taking program from Winestate, which allows you to view the vast amount of Tasting Notes from Winestate as well as maintain the wines in your own cellar. The free version gives you several hundred already entered notes, but if you want them all, together with new ones as the magazine publishes them, you must subscribe. The subscription rates are: 1 year subscription - $27.50 AUD inc GST. 2 year subscription - $49.50 AUD inc GST.

Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager
Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager is no longer sold or enhanced, but owners can continune to get updates to its Wine Advisor database with an annual subscription to eRobertParker.com. http://www.winetech.com/

Uncorked Cellar
Uncorked Cellar is a comprehensive wine guide and cellar management program. It provides winery details, wine ratings, value guide, winemaker's tasting notes and a cellaring guide. lists 4,500 American, 4,500 Australian and 300 Canadian wines, 4,100 winery names and ddresses and 19,000 individual vintages of wines. Tasting notes can be modified.

Wine Cellar Book
Wine Cellar Book, produced in Canada, is billed as a Windows program for the inventory and management of a home wine cellar, using a graphical "binder" style to track wines by producer, vintage, vineyard, style, varietal, rating, tasting notes and number of bottles. http://www.primasoft.com/wb.htm

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