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Best of San Francisco
Best of San Francisco is an excellent portal to San Francisco. Its wine country page, http://www.bestofsanfrancisco.net/winecountry.htm, has links to many wine-related travel choices and is kept up to date.

Michael Broadbent once called Bordeaux the "empire" of wine, and whether you agree or not, a visit to the area is high on most wine lovers wish lists. We have listed some tour companies elsewhere in this section; Bordeaux Tourisme.com is the starting point for anyone interested in doing it themselves. The French Government Touring Office recommends the Guide Découverte (French and English) which lists vineyards open to the public and much information as well. Free from the office at 444 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, fax 212-838-7855. In Bordeau, get similar information at the Maison du Vin, 3, cours du 30 Juillet, opposite the tourist office. The Bordeaux Tourist office also offers half day tours of two vineyards; 12, cours du 30 Juillet, 33080 Bordeaux, 33-5-; fax: 33-5-

Eric Anderson's Wine Touring Page
Hitting the California wine roads? Don't miss Eric Anderson's Wine Touring Page, with detailed information on winery tours and links to wineries for more than a dozen tours in the Northern California, Central Coast and Southern California regions. http://www.grape-nutz.com/tours.html

Finger Lakes
The Finger Lakes Wine Country web site provides complete information on up-to-date attractions, events, wineries and information on visitor travel. http://www.fingerlakeswinecountry.com

France in Your Glass
France in Your Glass has been providing deluxe wine travel in France since 1986. Tours include top properties in Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone, and often prominent hosts, including Michael Broadbent. http://www.inyourglass.com/

French Wine Explorers
French Wine Explorers - Wine and culinary vacations in France, led by an American sommelier and a French sommelier who work in the French wine business. They'll give you the insider's view of French wine as you tour and taste at the most prestigious estates of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Champagne and other regions. Scheduled small group wine tours are available, as well as customized, private wine vacations for groups.

Gayot.com publishes travel, restaurant and hotel guides, and maintains an interesting wine page, featuring tasting notes and special features on wine related travel and dining. Interesting content. http://www.gayot.com/

iNeTours is a very pretty site devoted to wine tours of Napa and Sonoma Counties. There are virtual tours, over a hundred panoramas, well written histories of wine making and grape growing and more. http://www.inetours.com/PagesWT/Wine_Tours.html

La Dolce Vita Wine Tours
Pat and Claudio Bisio offer a variety of wine tours in Italy through La Dolce Vita Wine Tours. They offer a variety of experiences: Their epicurean tours delve into food and wine, with wine tastings supplemented by stops at artisan cheesemakers, olive oil producers, and other culinary and cultural points of interest. Their biking and walking tours are for the active traveler who wants to combine the pleasures of outdoor exercise with the chance to learn a few things about wine. Their day trips in Tuscany and Piedmont are for busy travelers with only have a short time to spare for winery visits. http://www.dolcetours.com/

London Restaurant Guide
London Restaurant Guide is an excellent resource for anyone interested in restaurants in London. The reviews are comprehensive, and there is a pleasing focus on food. The site offers booking services, a series of interesting articles on various food and wine topics, and much more. http://www.londonrestaurantsguide.com/

Maureen and Bernie's Wine Travel Guides
Maureen and Bernie's Wine Travel Guides reveal a couple that enjoy their travels immensely. They've been in northern Italy, Spain and Bordeaux and they take great pictures, comment on places to eat, drink and stay, and seem to have a ball. Excellent links and recommendations of books of the areas covered. Very highly recommended.

Question of Taste
A Question of Taste is a lovely travel site with a strong food and wine emphasis. They write: "based in the beautiful southern Spanish city of Seville, offers you an unrivalled choice of food and wine activities, including gastronomic breaks, one-day excursions, wine-tastings and tapas tours. If you are a lover of good food and wine and are planning on visiting Seville then our activities have been designed with you in mind. They will be a unforgettable experience." http://www.aqot.com/

SloCountyWineries.com maintains an interactive site for exploring the wine regions of San Luis Obispo County in California. The maps are printable, and interactive versions cover the North Region with 50 wineries in Paso Robles and Templeton and the South Region with 15 wineries in Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande. There is also a regular email on events in the region. http://www.slocountywineries.com/

SteveO's California Wine Touring Guides
If California is your travel destination and wine's your thing, do not miss SteveO's California Wine Touring Guides. No matter where you're going in the Golden State, you'll find winery and tour information here. http://CaliforniaWineryGuide.com/

Visiting the Sonoma Wine Country
Bob Hunnicutt lives in Sonoma County and has put together a great page about Visiting the Sonoma Wine Country. This is a virtually perfect site for a first time visitor, all told from the point of view of a resident who obviously loves the area and knows it well. http://home.pon.net/hunnicutt/socowine.htm

Wine Country
Wine Country is an excellent site covering the wine regions of California. Excellent graphics, maps, visitor info, lodging, restaurant, things to do and shopping coverage. Their Napa Valley page is particularly good.

Wine Zone Network
The Wine Zone Network provides everything you need to know to plan your trip to Northern California’s wine country. It features the wines and wineries of the Napa Valley and Sonoma areas. You can make online reservations for Bed and Breakfast lodging or your hot air balloon flight. Articles, wine tasting notes, and barrel sample notes from the Insiders’ Wine Line Magazine. Beautifully done. http://www.winezone.com/

The Rest of the Web

Cape Wine Tours
Cape Wine Tours provides tours for up to ten people, for seven to ten days, through the wine country of South Africa. The itineraries are interesting and useful for the do it yourself traveller, although you may not have the same access to top winemakers. A slow loader for most systems. http://www.capewinetours.com/

DuVine Adventures
DuVine Adventures is located in Boston, but arranges bike trips to France, primarily in Burgundy. Click on the Wine Info button for excellent articles on Burgundy and useful links for the region.

French Wine Tours
French Wine Tours provides bilingual wine tours for small groups (two to eight people) through Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire and the Rhone. http://www.french-wine-tours.com/

Fufluns Viaggi
Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and interesting wine areas in the world. There are a number of folks who specialize in wine and food travel in the area, but Fufluns Viaggi's site is pretty and has some good travel content, the trips look interesting, and you've got to admire a guy who knows Fufluns, the name of the Etruscan god of wine. http://www.fufluns.com/

Napa Valley Wine Train
There was enormous controversy when this train began running, and you can still hear many complaints from residents of Napa Valley. But, the Napa Valley Wine Train has run for over ten years, and has been voted one of the top railroads in the world by an international group of train geeks. The website is filled with information, and is worth a visit even if you never actually take the train itself. http://www.winetrain.com/

Virtually tour the Napa Valley on NapaValley.com

Question of Taste
A Question of Taste is headquartered in Seville in the South of Spain, and leads tours of food and wine in the area. The site is nicely done and the list of links to Spanish food and wine sites is particularly well done for the arm chair traveller. http://www.aqot.com

Wine Beyond (the Riviera)
Wine Beyond (the Riviera) is sponsored by a travel agency, and provides a stylish and useful introduction to Provence and the southern part of the Côtes du Rhône. The site provides a large number of addresses and phone numbers of wineries in these areas.

Wine Route.
Wine Route. provides information on wine tours in Ontario, Canada.

Wines Northwest
Wines Northwest, produced by Susan O'Hara, is a commercial site but one with ample wine-related content; don't miss it if you're interested in touring or tasting the wines of British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

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