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E. C. Krause
E. C. Krause has been a seller of wine making supplies for over 35 years, and their well done website provides a great deal of information about each of its products. In addition, they have prepared some excellent articles on various subjects, particularly on "How to Get Started" and "7 Easy Steps to Making Wine." http://www.eckraus.com/

Home Winemakers Manual
Lum Eisenman's Home Winemakers Manual is nothing less than an entire book on home wine making online. He calls it "an attempt to provide beginning winemakers with basic 'how to' instructions and to also provide advanced home winemakers some of the technical aspects of winemaking."

Joy of Home Wine Making
Terry Garey greets visitors: "Greetings, fellow home winemakers and enthusiasts for home-made wines, fruit wines, country wines, meads, melomels, and fermented concoctions of all sorts. Welcome to this forum for discussing the ancient art of making wine." A winemaker with many other interests, Joy of Home Wine Making is a very friendly site, worth visiting regularly.

Quality Wine and Ale Supply
There is an exceptionally generous collection of home wine making information at the commercial Quality Wine and Ale Supplyweb site. In addition to several useful charts and references, there are free down loadable copies of The Home Winemaking Book by Michiel Pesgens and The Home Winemakers Manual by Lum Eisenman. The online catalog of wine and ale making supplies appears comprehensive, as well. http://www.homebrewit.com/

Sommer Breeze Vineyards
Joel Sommer is a keen amateur wine maker with a penchant for web cams that allow you to follow developments at Sommer Breeze Vineyards. Joel's site is filled not only with his own adventures making wine, but with a great deal of top flight information on topics relating to wine making. Highly recommended. http://www.winepress.us/

Wine Maker
Many of my home winemaking friends consider Wine Maker an essential resource. And, there is much here of interest to the wine consumer, as well. The online version carries generous extracts from each issue.

Wine Making in Southampton
I can't do better than quote home wine making guru Jack Keller on the merits of this site: "If you haven't visited The WineMaking Pages yet (see Wine Making in Southampton), you really should. Tom How and Alec Harkness have done to winemaking what Penn and Teller have done to magic, i.e. they've painted it with an undercoating of irreverence while still delivering the essence of what is advertised. It's a delightful, tongue-and-cheek read, but it still manages to be educational." Highly recommended. http://www.glaurung.demon.co.uk/

Winemaking Home Page
If you want to learn about home wine making on the Web, you can't do better than spend some time on Jack B. Keller Jr.'s Winemaking Home Page. Jack, of Pleasanton, Texas (just south of San Antonio), says his page is for the beginner, novice and seasoned hobbyist, and he's not kidding. You'll find everything you need here to start making and enjoying your own vino.

The Rest of the Web

American Wine Society
The American Wine Society is a national non-profit consumer organization that promotes appreciation of wine through education. It was founded by Dr. Konstantin Frank in 1967 and has more than 5,000 members with local chapters in half the states and in Ontario. Over half of the members raise wine grapes or make wine or both.

Located in Clifton, New Jersey, Corrado's has an extensive stock of wine and beer making supplies. They also sponsor a very successful home wine making competition each year. http://www.corradosmarket.com/

Grape Stomper Page
The Grape Stomper Page is a charming mixture of family and wine making matters. I particularly liked the introduction: "The Grape Stomper Home Page is dedicated to my Grandfather, Joseph Iuliano. He taught me the fine art of making wine, drinking wine, and most important of all, the art of story telling while enjoying wine with family and friends. Oh how I miss those days listening to Grandpa tell his stories. Each one different and more grandiose then the last. Salute to you Grandpa for the memories." http://www.grapestomper.com/

RJ Spagnols
RCR RJ Spagnols calls itself the "World's Premier Wine Kit Manufacturer", and several of my friends have made wine with their kits with great success. The company offers a wide range of kits for both wine and beer, as well as an enormous range of information on making wine and beer. In French and English. http://www.rjspagnols.com/

winemakeri.com is a commercial site, focusing on providing materials and information to the home winemaker. The dictionary of wine terms is quite splendid. http://www.winemakeri.com/

Winery Master
Winery Master is billed as the only computer program for the home wine maker. Allows one to record every step in the process, from crushing through fermentation, racking, filtering, fining, oaking, aging, blending and bottling. Calculates many basic specifications such as Brix and pH. Includes a cellar manager and a tasting notes log. $69.95.

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