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Jorge Eduardo Castillo Jorge Eduardo Castillo works as a curriculum consultant for Vino 101. Jorge's knowledge of wine has developed over many years of personal study as well as experience in wine sales and fine dining. His passion for food and wine is a constant drive that pushes him to taste and learn more about wines from all over the world. Jorge is also an accomplished musician; he earned the bachelor of arts degree in biology, and recently completed MBA studies at Loyola College in Maryland.

Vino 101 LLC is a wine-education firm specializing in technology-based applications. Its current offering, "Vino 101: An Introduction to Wine," is an interactive course designed to educate food-service employees on the basics of wine and key points of wine sales and service. The Vino 101 team uses knowledge from backgrounds in E-Learning, corporate training, wine sales and food service to develop and design wine training products for the food service industry.

Castillo's periodic columns on offer wine-loving readers an unusual perspective on wine education. Although Vino 101's in-depth offerings are aimed primarily at food-service and wine-industry workers, we believe his clear, informative articles will be of interest and value to consumer wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. We'll maintain a list of links to all his contributions here. You might wish to bookmark this page, or check our front page regularly for announcements of Jorge's new articles.

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