30 Second Wine Advisor: Sing a song of Riesling

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Sing a song of Riesling

Now and then, love of wine inspires us to flights of fancy. My online pal David M. Bueker, a moderator in our WineLovers Discussion Group and a great fan of Riesling, hit a high note the other day in praise of his favorite grape. I can't resist sharing his ode to Riesling with you today:

"September is the time when summer turns to fall. In many places there is a certain chill to the air, a crispness that signals the change in weather. Yet September is not the time when that change is complete. There is often still a warmth (checked the east coast forecast today?), and outdoor activities continue, even if there is a shift from baseball and golf to soccer and football.

"My wine preferences often coincide with the seasons. When the air is crisp I seek out a wine with the same character. September (much like April) sends me to the cellar for Riesling. Perhaps it’s the apple fruit in so many of the wines which matches the apples of the agricultural season. Perhaps it’s the smoky elements in an aged Riesling that match with the scents from grills and fireplaces. It may be the purity and clarity of the wines that echoes the purity of a cool fall evening. Somehow, Riesling captures the essence of September."

Indeed. We're exploring Riesling from around the world this month in our online forum's Wine Focus. While German Riesling stands in the center ring - its roots run so deep in Germany's Rhine and Mosel valleys that its fame goes back to Charlemagne - but discussion is open for Rieslings from Austria, France, Italy, Australia, New York or the U.S. West Coast or anywhere else the grape is grown.

My tasting report today, for example, turns to Western Australia for a particularly impressive example, "Diddley Bow" from R Wines. (See my notes below.)

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Taylor Eason on organic wines

Last week we said hello to Taylor Eason, a first-rate wine writer and blogger who has joined us as a regular contributor.

Taylor will publish a column weekly on WineLoversPage.com, usually on Tuesday. I think you'll enjoy this week's report, Organic wine isn't just for tofu-geeks, in which she wonders why organic wine remains at the margins, even as organic vegetable farming is becoming mainstream.

If you enjoy The 30 Second Wine Advisor, I expect you'll like Taylor's Email wine letter, too. Sign up on the front page of her Website, TaylorEason.com.

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Today's Tasting Report

R Wines 2009 "Diddley Bow" Western Australia Riesling ($19.99)

Diddley Bow

Abundant fresh Key lime and orange blossom aromas waft from this brassy-golden wine, shifting toward musky melon in flavor. Medium-bodied and just off-dry, it hits the palate with mouth-watering lime-juice acidity that lingers in a long, shimmering finish. A delightfully sane 11.7% alcohol, and a sturdy Stelvin-type metal screw cap to keep it fresh. U.S. importer: The Grateful Palate, Fairfield, Calif. (Sept. 1, 2010)

FOOD MATCH: Good with fish or fowl or even, possibly, good red meat: Illustrating the great versatility of Riesling as a table wine, it went very well with takeout gyros from a local Mediterranean eatery.

VALUE: Getting up there at $20, but available in the upper teens in some markets. Frankly, I'd rather have one bottle of this than two bottles of some $10 Rieslings I've tried.

WEB LINKS: The Grateful Palate Website is here, but links from "Our Wines" to R Wines (and many other destinations) are returning a "broken link" error message in my browsers. Try later in hope the importer's tech people are on the case.

Compare prices and find vendors for Diddley Bow Riesling on Wine-Searcher.com.

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