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What's a RSS Feed? This recent Internet technology - "Really Simple Syndication" or "RSS" for short - allows you to use simple software to subscribe to articles distributed by many of your favorite Websites. is pleased to make a RSS feed available for your enjoyment.

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This screen shot shows the E-mail-style layout of the Sharp Reader RSS Aggregator. To view a large image, click here. (Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.)
RSS alerts you when new articles appears on Web sites to which you have subscribed. A RSS feed automatically tells you when something new is posted on any of your subscribed sites, letting you know as soon as there's something new, thus saving you the effort of frequent surfing.

The feed offers a headline, brief summary and hotlinks to the full content of many of our frequently updated features, including newly published articles by contributors, my 30 Second Wine Advisor and Wine Advisor FoodLetter, my wine-tasting reports, and links to hot topics as they develop on our Wine Lovers' Discussion Groups.

To access RSS Feeds, you must either download and install a small "RSS Aggregator" or "News Reader" program on your computer, or subscribe to a Web service like "My Yahoo!" that will assemble RSS feeds for you online. A RSS Aggregator behaves somewhat like a combination of your Web browser and your E-mail program. Like a browser, it allows you to enter a Web address and view any RSS feed online. Like an E-mail program, it allows you to subscribe to specific feeds, which then arrive periodically in an E-mail-style format in which you see a list of headlines and may click any of interest to view the full page.

Popular free RSS Aggregators for Windows include Sharp Reader (download at and RSS Reader (

A very highly rated shareware RSS Aggregator is FeedDemon (

As noted, My Yahoo! has a first-rate Web-based RSS aggregator. Other recommended Web-based options include (, Feedster (, and NewsGator (,

Ready to start? Assuming you have downloaded and installed a RSS Aggregator or set up a Web-based aggregator, the links below will subscribe you to our feeds.

RSS Aggregator Users
Right-click the link or orange "XML" icon below and click "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location." Then paste this link into your reader's SUBSCRIBE URL field:

Add to My Yahoo!
If you have configured a My Yahoo! page, clicking the "My Yahoo!" icon below will add to your list of RSS feeds.

Firefox Users
If you have a recent version of Firefox (Version 1) look at the bottom right corner of the status bar at the bottom of your Firefox window. You should see an orange "RSS" icon there. Click on it, and our RSS feed will be added to your dynamic bookmarks!