30 Second Wine Advisor: Shiraz in Focus

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 Shiraz in Focus
Our Wine Focus feature on Australia's trademark grape is generating an unusual amount of discussion and tasting reports this month.
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 Paringa 2004 "Individual Vineyard" South Australia Sparkling Shiraz ($10.99)
Blackberries, blueberries and a whiff of menthol, typical South Australian Shiraz plus a fizzy froth.
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Shiraz in Focus

Our Wine Focus feature on Shiraz this month is generating a lot of discussion and tasting reports on this ultimate New World wine from a grape variety that France calls Syrah but that Australia has made its own under a variant moniker.

With the month only midway through, wine lovers from all over the world - including a hearty band of Australians - have posted hundreds of thoughtful remarks in more than 40 Shiraz-related topics on our WineLovers Discussion Group.

Rather than offering you the usual sermon today, let's launch the new week with a few quick summaries followed by links to specific forum discussions where you're welcome to follow the conversations and cordially invited to join in with comments and tasting notes of your own.

 Shiraz: An Introduction and Overview from an Australian Perspective
David Lole, an Australian wine enthusiast from Canberra, kicked off the month's discussion with this thoughtful essay. It provides an affectionate look at the grape and the wine from an Aussie perspective, a refreshing new way of envisioning Shiraz for the rest of us. "The real beauty and secret of Australian Shiraz," he concludes, "is that somewhere between the best and the worst you'll be able to find an ocean of more than decent juice at not too high a price that will be approachable as a youngster and should improve and probably last for a lot longer than most would expect." To view this topic, click:

 In defense of Big and Bold Aussie Shiraz
Wine blogger and Shiraz expert Mike Pollard opened another worthy discussion in a well-reasoned and civil demurral from the conventional wisdom that big, high-alcohol Shiraz is necessarily a bad thing. Balance, after all, is the key.

 Timeline of the name "Shiraz" in Australia
How did the name "Syrah" in France turn into "Shiraz" Down Under? Most wine authorities simply state the distinction without examining it, but not wine lover Bob Ross, who has undertaken an extended, scholarly research effort and sought input from wine historians. Among tidbits: The grape was variantly called "Scyras" in France as far back as 1826, at which time the grape was already linked in legend to Shiraz in Persia; he cites emerging evidence that "Shiraz" was not an Australian locution but was taken Down Under from England in the early days.

 Sparkling Shiraz
Finally, I've added another Shiraz report of my own, dipping into the offbeat but intriguing category of Sparkling Shiraz with a note on a dark, frothy and affordable red sparkler from Paringa in South Australia. Although I've learned to be wary of Sparkling Shiraz in the $10 range, many of which are made in a sweet, gulpable style, Paringa's entry proved intriguing, a fruit-forward, berryish and fairly dry Shiraz that just happens to open with a pop and pour out with a fizz. You'll find my tasting report below.


Paringa 2004 "Individual Vineyard" South Australia Sparkling Shiraz ($10.99)

Inky-dark purple with a frothy, persistent violet mousse and a lasting bubble stream. Blackberries and blueberries and a whiff of menthol, typical fruit-forward South Australia Shiraz and a prickly and frothy sparkling wine. More appealing than many Sparkling Shiraz at this lower end of the price range. (I saw one under Sarah and Sparky Marquis's sought-after MollyDooker label in the same store for something like $45. I passed.)

FOOD MATCH: Fine for sipping by itself; it made a decent pairing with a dinner salad topped with thin strips of teriyaki-style beef.

VALUE: No complaints at just past $10; as noted, many low-end Sparkling Shiraz are much less appealing.

WHEN TO DRINK: Not a wine made for cellaring, and the 2004 bottle on this vintage suggests it's been rattling around the system for a while. Buy it, drink it, move on.

Paringa's Website, apparently made for the U.S. market, contains a gallery of photos, a detailed history of the winery, but only limited information about the wines and no fact sheet on the sparkler that I can find.

The importer's Website includes an unusually comprehensive list of U.S. distributors by state, complete with phone numbers and even Email addresses.

Compare prices and find vendors for Paringa Sparkling Shiraz on Wine-Searcher.com:

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