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 Does a wine glass need a stem? But who ever thought wine lovers could get so worked up over such a seemingly small matter?
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Does a wine glass need a stem?

Look over Riedel "O" glasses on
Certain topics are almost certain to start a joyous debate among wine enthusiasts: Are screwcaps better than cork? Is Robert M. Parker Jr.'s influence on the wine industry good or evil? Can mega-corporate industrial producers ever make great wine?

But who ever thought wine lovers could get so worked up over such the seemingly small matter of whether your wine glass needs a stem? Since I wrote about the Riedel "O" series of fine but stem-free wine glasses in Standing O in the Feb. 23, 2005 Wine Advisor, the archived article has become one of my most frequent topics for E-mail questions.

Just about everyone has an opinion, and it's usually a vivid one, ranging from "glasses without stems are just plain tacky" at one end to "only wine snobs care if the glass has a stem" on the other.

Pro-stem fundamentalists cite long-standing tradition, and add that the stem keeps your hand from warming the wine in the glass and avoids smearing the bowl with greasy fingerprints. Anti-stem radicals argue that simple tumblers are good enough for trattoria and taverna, where wine-loving revelers understand that the purpose of the vessel is nothing more than to convey the precious fluid from bottle to mouth. Add wine-geek points to the Riedel O, they say, for turning the modest tumbler into something much more worthy for fine wine: An elegant crystal vessel with a properly shaped bowl, rendered casual and portable by the deletion of the fragile stem.

Just for fun, I've opened a simple poll on one of our WineLovers Discussion Group forums, inviting you to cast a simple up-or-down, yes-or-no vote on the question, "Does a wine glass need a stem?" Once you've cast your vote, I hope you'll stick around the forum to add a comment or two about your preference.


Riedel glassware is widely available from online and bricks-and-mortar vendors, but it's hard to beat's current sale prices, which offer the Cab/Merlot glass at $18.99 for a pair, a 24 percent discount from the $24.90 list price. Here's a link to buy, with the usual small commission to for purchases made through this link.

For a look at's full line of Riedel O glasses, use this link.

Or use this link for all types of Riedel glassware and decanters.

Want more wine talk? Got a question? You're always welcome to join the online conversations in our non-commercial WineLovers Discussion Group,

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Monday, March 27, 2006
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