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Wine Websites to Explore
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There are plenty of websites on the subject of wine. Here is a handy reference on, in my opinion, some of the best sources of wine information on the net. Most of the questions I receive relate to European wines, so let's start with import wine sites. For France, everything related to Bordeaux wines and visiting the Bordeaux region;, and for Burgundy; An educational website on French foods and wines is For wines of the Alsace Region, try, and for the Rhone Valley;, and the Loire; The official website for wines of the Beaujolais villages and crus is The Champagne Wines Information bureau has an informational source on, and if you appreciate a fine Cognac, try for an informational website on the region and wines of Cognac.

Other European sites include a very comprehensive site dedicated to the wines of Germany at and for Spanish wines, try or A good information site on wines of Portugal can be accessed on Try for Italian wine news.

There are a couple sources, among many others I'm sure, on Australia such as and New Zealand has an official website for their grape and wine industry at South African wines has a site at

As for domestic sources, I'll start with the website that I write for,, hosted by Robin Garr. He has a group of wine writers who contribute weekly articles on domestic wines, imports, and general wine information. He also has an on-line wine forum, and an excellent 30 Second Wine Advisor, which will be posted to you if you subscribe. Another subscription newsletter, which is delivered via email or fax, is Wine News Magazine features wines of California, Oregon, Washington, and some European coverage and reviews at Wine on the Web is an Internet publication with audio, with recommendations on wines for any budget. More domestic sites include, for generation X consumers,, and

Two newspapers offer an excellent source of wine news. The Wall Street Journal Wine Channel can be found at and the New York Times wine reviews are on The leading subscription wine magazines in the industry are Wine Enthusiast with their site,, the Wine Spectator at, Wine and Spirits Magazine at and Appellation Wine Country Living Magazine at

A source with tons of wine links attached and information on wine events in the United States is And since you are already interested in The Event Newsweekly's wine column, you may want to access some back articles on

Many of you travel to Northern California for wine tours. Next time you plan a trip, check out or Obviously there is an endless sea of wine information opportunities on the net. This should simplify your search, for the first day, at least!

Oct. 24, 2000

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