MoCool '99 Photo Gallery No. 5
Photos and captions by Manuel Camblor at all three weekend events

Friday Night at the Five Lakes Grill, the guy in the jacket is my friend Camilo.

Also at the Grill, looking deep into Robin's camera.

The incomparable geo t. on Saturday.

Yours truly with Dana Burton; Lew Rodrick, behind the camera, threatens to use this pic to blackmail me.

The 5:30 group for Mark Horvatich's tasting.

Jay Baldwin after night falls chez Goldberg. Some really impressive wines were being opened in the dining room.

Is that John Wolf or David Letterman?

The '84, 86 and '87 Eiseles, brought all the way from Puerto Rico, await pouring.

What I found when I went downstairs chez Goldberg, the infamous "cellar stuffing."

My reaction when, during said "cellar stuffing," I am told that the Turley "Hayne Vineyard" in my hand will grow my lost hair back if I rub it on my head. Conner apparently knew this already. "It's better than Extra Strength Rogaine," he said...

The double magnum of '88 Groth Reserve Bob Hendrick brought; it was plugged up by a (somewhat visible in the picture) buildup of tartrate, etc.

Joel delivers the State of the Union Address from the gazebo.

Robin Garr takes a picture of the Sunday tasting.

John Trombley taking serious notes.

Mark Horvatich and Joel Goldberg.

Camilo and yours truly, Saturday night.
Lew Rodrick catches 22.2 winks.

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