MoCool '99 Photo Gallery No. 1
Photos by Sally Goldberg at Saturday's picnic

Dana Burton (left); Gary Kahle (looking at camera); Bob Henrick (back to camera)

(From left) Tamara Real, Carl Rinne, Marguerite Patterson

Joel Goldberg (center)

Cindy Baldwin (left) and Marian Mahoney

John Trombley

Wines in cooling bins created by John Wolf

Mike Conner

Dana Burton and Bob Henrick

Linda Baldwin and Kim Adams

Ted Richards, unidentified man, Frank Baldwin and Geo. T.

Peter Curran

Mike Conner and Wayne Hicks (facing camera) and Jill Reike (blue dress, back to camera)

Mark Overberg (left)

Frank Baldwin and Bob Henrick
(From left) Lewis Rome (Sally Goldberg's dad, formerly of South Africa), Rudolph Erasmus (from South Africa) and Jay Baldwin

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