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Following up on my recent report on Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Riesling, we pulled the cork -- a dark-blue plastic one at that -- out of another wild and crazy wine from Bonny Doon last night. This one's a strong dessert wine, something like a pale Port, chock full of apparent allusions to Picasso and Hemingway and the Spanish Revolution that tug at the edges of my memory but that I can't quite get.

Bonny Doon Garnacha non-vintage California Pink Wine ($12.99/500 ml)
Clear rose color, darker than pink. Pleasant though odd aroma of mint and stewed prunes. Flavors follow the nose, a bit "green" but warm and strong. At a claimed 20% alcohol, it's certainly fortified. I assume from the name that it's made from Grenache, but you can't tell it from the taste.

"We drank the pink wine and it was good," the back label quotes, perhaps from The Sun Also Rises. I think maybe Hemingway would have drunk this wine and found it good, if he could have found it. (Nov. 14, 1997)

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