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Two cheap Italian whites

I spotted these two really low-end Italian whites yesterday, one from Fossi, a known source of wines of good value, so I couldn't resist giving them both a whirl. Well, one out of two isn't bad!

Fossi Bianco non-vintage Vino da Tavola Bianco ($5.99)
Another anonymous, inexpensive treat from Fossi, an odd outfit that's constantly coming up with surprises; this white-wine sibling of the noted Fossi Rosso is a clear, light straw color, almost watery pale. It offers a full, almost overripe scent of cantaloupe, leading into a fresh, crisp and dry flavor, simple but delicious, juicy white fruit. It may be just off-dry, but there's plenty of acidity to hold it together. (Aug. 28, 1997)

Casarsa Vineyards 1995 Vino da Tavola Venezia Giulia Pinot Grigio ($3.99)
You can't expect much for 4 bucks, and you don't get it in this insipid little white. It's a clear light-gold color, with an odd wintergreen scent and a thin, off-dry flavor backed by tart, almost pungent acidity. It turns out to be a better food wine than a sipping wine, though, making a surprisingly good marriage with a difficult wine match, Eden Stone's famous scallops in a quick sauce of fresh roasted tomatoes and herbs with butter and lemon. (Aug. 28, 1997)

All my wine-tasting reports are consumer-oriented. In order to maintain objectivity and avoid conflicts of interest, I purchase all the wines I rate at my own expense in retail stores.

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