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Voting Booth: Wine for grilled fare

As we've noted in several recent articles, outdoor grilling season is back in full force, in this part of the world, anyway, with the onset of sultry and humid midsummer heat.

The intriguing flavors that woodsmoke and charcoal impart to grilled fare set up a whole new set of options for the beverages we choose to accompany our dinner: A juicy steak sizzling from the charcoal grill is just deliciously different enough from a steak seared in a skillet on the rangetop to call for a re-evaluation of the wine (or other drink) to go with it.

Last year, in a Wine Lovers' Voting Booth topic in May 2003, we invited you to nominate the beverages that you thought go best with barbecue, consciously leaving the definition of "barbecue" open to a range of regional goodies including meats treated with spicy vinegar or tomato-based sauces, dry rubs, wet "mops" and other saucing techniques that can make wine-matching an iffy proposition.

This summer, let's address this question again, but this time adhering to a pure, pristine definition: Speaking specifically and only of quality beef steaks (or vegetables, if you're a vegetarian), grilled outdoors over charcoal, wood or natural gas, we invite your "vote" for the best beverage match with grilled fare.

For the sake of not-too-rigorous analysis, we offer exactly the same "ballot" of choices as in the 2003 topic. As always, this is a lighthearted poll with no scientific value, presented simply to inspire discussion and for the fun of seeing how your answers compare with those of other wine lovers around the world. Once you've cast your vote, the software will immediately tally your entry and recalculate the totals. To participate, simply click to

In addition to the Voting Booth linked above, if you would like to comment or ask questions about today's topic (or other wine-related issues), you'll find a round-table online discussion about this article in our interactive Wine Lovers' Discussion Group, where you're always welcome to join in the conversations about wine.

If you prefer to comment privately, feel free to send me E-mail at I'll respond personally to the extent that time and volume permit.

With today's topic in mind, last night I fired up the grill and seared a fine, small ribeye steak from a local producer, and pulled the cork from this exceptional Côtes du Rhone, a blend of Grenache and Syrah with a flavor profile made to go with grilled beef. (I've had this one around for a year or so, so it's no longer the current vintage; if you have a hard time finding it, note that the 2001 has been receiving rave reviews.)

Domaine Remejeanne Domaine Réméjeanne 2000 "Les Genévriers" Côtes du Rhone Villages ($14.99)

This is an inky dark-purple, wine, almost black and opaque in the glass, with glints of garnet against the light. Black fruit and anise aromas dominate, with a conifer-like whiff of something akin to juniper that may be a trick of mental association with the vineyard name "Les Genévriers" ("the juniper trees"). The aromas carry over intact in the flavor, adding typical Rhone-red notes of black pepper and raw beef, characteristics that make it a natural with red meat. Warm and full, with a sharp cutting edge of acidity and astringent tannins. A blend of Grenache and Syrah with a dash of Mourvédre, it's about as big and bold as Cotes-du-Rhone gets, and could use still more cellar time. U.S. importer: USA Wine Imports, NYC, for Vineyard Expressions of Ithaca, N.Y. (July 11, 2004)

FOOD MATCH: Grass-fed ribeye steak, grilled medium-rare over hot charcoal and garnished with mild poblano peppers roasted over the same coals, made a first-rate match for this hearty red.

VALUE: With the rising strength of the Euro against the dollar, it's no longer easy to find quality Cotes-du-Rhone for much less than this mid-teens price; that being said, this one can compete with Chateauneuf-du-Pape at twice the price.

WHEN TO DRINK: Grilled red meat brings it around nicely, but the wine's depth and tannic astringency suggest that several years of careful cellaring will bring it to a still higher peak.

PRONUNCIATIONS: With the reminder that these pronunciation guides are only rough approximations to assist English speakers in asking for wines without embarrassment:
"Côtes du Rhone Villages" = "Coat duh Rone Vee-lahzh"
"Réméjeanne" = "Reh-meh-zhahn"
"Les Genévriers" = "Lay Zheh-nehv-ree-ay"

WEB LINK: I can't find much information about this wine or producer online; the U.S. importer's Website is light on information, consisting primarily of contact names and addresses:

FIND THIS WINE ONLINE: Look for vendors and compare prices for Domaine Réméjeanne's wines on,

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