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 The lure of the new Trying the odd and unusual in the world of wine.
 Tenuta le Querce 2000 "Il Viola" Aglianico del Vulture ($15.99) A Southern "food wine," plummy and warm, tannic and tart.
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 This week on A visit to VinItaly.
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The lure of the new

In a world divided between wine lovers who enjoy returning to the same old favorites and those who can't get enough of the strange, offbeat and new, I keep my feet planted firmly on both sides of the fence.

Of course I love the old familiar wines, and whether it's a Chianti or a Burgundy or a good California Cabernet, a taste that brings back memories of wines enjoyed over the years will always make me smile.

But I can't deny an utter infatuation with new and different wine experiences, as a quick review of Wine Advisor topics over just the past couple of weeks will reveal. In that short period alone, I've delighted in Sicilian Inzolia and Nero d'Avola, Puglian Negroamaro and Aglianico from Campania and even the truly offbeat Pineau d'Aunise of the Touraine.

It's hard for me to say whether I get more enjoyment out of the comfort of the familiar or the excitement of the new, and so I think I'll just keep on having it both ways.

In our latest Wine Lovers' Voting Booth, online today, we offer you an opportunity to share your "wish list" of offbeat and unusual wines that you haven't tasted yet but would like to try. I hope you'll take a moment to drop by the Voting Booth to check off the varieties that intrigue you:

And of course, any time you want to talk about wine, you're always welcome to join in the conversations about wine in our interactive Wine Lovers' Discussion Group.

If you prefer to comment privately, feel free to send me E-mail at I'll respond personally to the extent that time and volume permit.

And now, let's stay in the "offbeat varieties" mode for today's tasting report. It's another Aglianico, similar to the wine from Taburno in Campania that I featured among others on April 7, but this one is from Vulture (named after an extinct volcano) in Basilicata, the "sole" of the Italian "boot."

Tenuta le Querce Tenuta le Querce 2000 "Il Viola" Aglianico del Vulture ($15.99)

Very dark reddish-purple, this Southern Italian wine's hearty character shows in an almost blackish color in the glass. Warm and plummy aromas are accented by a note of licorice. Mouth-filling black-fruit flavors, plums and prunes, are structured by tart acidity and smooth tannins. A touch of oak adds a slight earthy quality, but fruit is dominant, with a snappy tang that goes well with food. U.S. importer: VIAS Imports Ltd., NYC. (April 18, 2004)

FOOD MATCH: A versatile food wine, it pairs easily with grilled red meats, roast poultry or cheeses, and went just as well with a meatless option, a light-style variation on Alfredo-sauced pasta, accented with fresh sage.

VALUE: It's worth paying this upper-teens price once to try a very fine wine from an offbeat variety and region; but the local price I paid is well above the median for this item, with vendors in some parts of the U.S. offering it at more competitive prices under $15.

WHEN TO DRINK: No rush to drink this one, as fruit, acidity and tannins in balance suggest it might gain complexity with another two to five years under good storage conditions.

WEB LINK: The winery Website,
appears to be currently offline. The U.S. importer's fact sheet on the "Il Viola" Aglianico is here:

FIND THIS WINE ONLINE: The U.S. importer lists distributors by state on this page:

Locate vendors and compare prices for the wines of Tenuta le Querce at,

California Wine Club

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Monday, April 19, 2004
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