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Favorite Wine Links: Purple Feet

"Life is too short to be too serious," says William Bincoletto, host of Purple Feet, the attractive and appealing online wine magazine that's our featured link for today.

"Break out from the shell and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of food, wines, and travel," invites Bincoletto, an experienced sommelier and founder and Director of the Alberta Wine Institute in Canada. "Here at Purple Feet, I have one commitment: to make you enjoy what you read."

His articles keep that promise. They're literate and informative, providing extensive information on a range of topics covering food and drink. Current features include a detailed report on the much-heralded 2000 vintage in Bordeaux. His sensible advice: "prices for the 2000 vintage will be unreasonably high ... How does a cost-conscious consumer navigate the dozens of excellent wines in this vintage? ... don't spend large sums of money chasing the trophy wines. Instead, seriously consider the literally dozens of cru bourgeois and lesser-known classified growths rated 85-91 points."

There's much more, including articles about the top Chilean producer Montes and California's Geyser Peak, and tastings of top Burgundies and Chablis Grands Crus. The food section currently features an extensive report on pasta by the other half of the Bincoletto team, Sibeal McCourt-Bincoletto, who also tells us just about everything we could ever want to know about eggplant. (Did you know that it's not a vegetable but a fruit, close kin to the berry family?) Finally, drinks fanciers will find a thorough report on Bourbon.

Add an extensive "Library" of past articles and useful features on wine appreciation, and you've got enough good wine-related reading to keep you busy for hours. It's a highly recommended destination for wine lovers.

Here's the link:

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Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2001
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