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Favorite Wine Link: Becky Wasserman

Let's listen in as wine importer Becky Wasserman critiques an example of what she calls "current gobbledygook (white Burgundyspeak): 'Brandishing scents of well-ripened yellow fruits and minerals minerals, flowers, and toasted oak anise dominated flavour profile.'

"The aformentioned words do not make me salivate or dream or imagine a dinner with good friends or interesting strangers," says Wasserman. "Every well made Burgundy, be the appellation modest or noble, has something to tell us if we let ourselves listen to the simple message received after the bottle has been uncorked: 'Drink me with ... '"

These are words worth heeding: Sometimes we take wine so seriously that we forget its purpose is to be enjoyed, and ideally enjoyed in the company of good food, good friends and family.

Although Wasserman is in the wine business, and a very respected name at that, specializing in Burgundy, her Website is a personal venture. It's not overly large in content or commercial in presentation (you'll find some pages "under construction" and broken links), but it reflects a winning personality and a no-nonsense attitude about enjoying wine - and especially the wines of Burgundy - without pretense or, well, gobbledygook.

"A tempest of controversy is still boiling away," she says of the 1998 Burgundy vintage. "A prominent wine critic decried the vintage and only found fifty-odd likeable red Burgundies. Another critic lauds the vintage and rightfully praises the winemakers for their mastery in a year when the weather was truly temperamental. ... Burgundy's best and brightest cut away all inferior grapes and with the grapes that were left made wines that have both fruit and structure."

If you like straight talk about good wine, and the mysteries of Burgundy catch your fancy, I think you'll like this site. When you reach, simply click on the French or American flag to continue in the language of your choice.

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Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001
Copyright 2001 by Robin Garr. All rights reserved.

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