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Wine links: Grapes and vines

The arrival of September and the approach of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere means that it's harvest time in many of the world's vineyards.

As we wish our grape-growing friends an outstanding vintage, let's devote today's column to a few quick links to Websites that focus on the grape:

  • From AFUS ALI (a white-wine and table grape from Lebanon, also known as "Raisin d'Or") to ZENIT (a modern Hungarian cross that makes a crisp, light white), offers the grape enthusiast a virtual photo gallery of varieties. With more than 200 photos of wine-grape bunches plus other vineyard-related images that range from vine-training systems to grape diseases, this site's got everything but an oversize full-color centerfold. You'll find it at

  • in its turn is a production of GrapeSeek, a fine Website that boldly declares itself "The Internet's best grape growing and vineyard establishment resource!" It's quite a claim, but it's also quite a site. Featuring in-depth articles and a variety of E-mail discussion lists aimed at advanced grape growers, amateur growers, wine makers and even ampelographers (grapevine scientists), GrapeSeek is highly recommended to anyone who wants to grow grapes or just to read about growing grapes. Click to

  • Finally, for the Web's most complete general overview of grape varieties, we're proud to host Anthony J. Hawkins' The Super Gigantic Y2K Winegrape Glossary on Wine Lovers' Page. A non-commercial labor of love that Mr. Hawkins has built over many years, this massive report (it's more than 500,000 bytes, requiring some load time) includes extensively hyperlinked short articles on hundreds of grape varieties including classic vinifera, hybrids and crosses and native American grapes. You can view it at

September is also a great time to visit a winery and vineyard. With the caveats that small-farm winery operators may be too busy supervising the harvest to spend much time entertaining visitors and that popular spots like Napa may bog down in traffic jams, it's a beautiful season to see a winery in action.

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Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2001
Copyright 2001 by Robin Garr. All rights reserved.

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