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Favorite Wine Link: Wine Labels World

If you're serious about wine, you're primarily interested in what's inside the bottle. Even the most artistic or striking label doesn't do a thing to alter the quality of the wine.

But labels do more than merely provide information. An eye-catching label can make a real difference in a competitive market where shoppers must choose among hundreds of seemingly similar options.

If you think about a wine that you've particularly enjoyed, chances are that you'll remember something about the label along with your palate's memory of the wine's aroma and flavor. Some wine lovers like to collect the labels of wines they've enjoyed (and commercial products are even available to help remove them).

Dozens of Websites feature wine labels. I particularly enjoy Wine Labels World, It is hosted by a collector in Belgium, who writes, "I am collecting wine labels from all over the world especially those with nice pictures ... I am doing this since end 1993 and exchange wine labels with people of the whole world."

Wine Labels World offers small label images (which may be clicked to display larger pictures) in a variety of categories, including labels from Belgium, Luxembourg and Malta, plus wine-grower labels and, the site's richest section, "thematic labels," featuring a wild variety of wine-label topics from "alphabet" to "Year 2000," including labels based on cars, the weather, religious topics and professions, headgear and hearts and leaves and much more. The text is available in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and English.

There are quite a few good wine-label sites around - Peter May's "Unusual Wine Labels" site at is particularly noteworthy - but this Belgian site is one of the most charming. I think you'll enjoy it.

Express Notes:
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Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2001
Copyright 2001 by Robin Garr. All rights reserved.

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