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What kind of wine goes with a Philly cheesesteak?

This is not your everyday wine-and-food-matching question, but it doesn't stump Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein of Seagram Chateau & Estate Wines Co., who offers a wealth of wine-and-food advice on the slick, sophisticated Website, EatDrinkDine.

Subtitled "Perfect pairings every time," EatDrinkWine offers the reader a simple set of choices as you click from the general to the specific. You can start with a wine and find dinner to match, or start with a food category and work your way down to wines that marry well.

To find a food to match your wine, click any of 40 wine grapes or types. This takes you to a page with a description of the grapes and a list of a dozen or more food categories. Click any one to get a list of specific foods ... and each result is hot-linked to a detailed description.

Choose ZINFANDEL, for example, and you get 14 broad food categories that match. Select RED MEAT from that list and you'll get 24 more detailed recommendations; click MIXED GRILL, and you end up at a detailed description of this tasty dish. Goldstein doesn't overlook vegetarians, offering meatless choices with just about every wine. Nine meatless choices for Zinfandel, for instance, include STUFFED PEPPERS and EGGPLANT PARMESAN.

If you want a wine to match a specific food, the system works the same way in reverse, allowing you to drill down to a wine that pairs well with any of dozens of food types. ETHNIC FOODS, for instance, offers a list of nearly 100 goodies from around the world. Try CHICKEN TERIYAKI, and you'll opens up 15 wine possibilities from CARIGNAN to VIOGNIER.

Indeed, if there's any criticism to be made of EatDrinkWine, it can be a bit like drinking water from a fire hose. With more than 150 selections offered for every food or wine starting point, there's a pantry full of good things to eat and drink here, but the choices might overwhelm those who prefer more exact directions.

Still, it's both useful and fun, and Goldstein's advice is almost always sound. Give it a try at

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Friday, Aug. 17, 2001
Copyright 2001 by Robin Garr. All rights reserved.

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