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Favorite Links: Wine-loving Danish doctor

Let's spin off from a couple of recent topics today as we visit the Hjemmeside (that's "Website," in Danish) of Dr. Erik Skovenborg.

Like Dr. Philip Norrie, the Australian physician and winery owner we featured last Tuesday, Dr. Skovenborg is a doctor who also loves wine (not to mention a good game of chess). He is located in Denmark, source of the new wine-and-health study covered in yesterday's edition.

Wine-and-health studies fit in well with Dr. Skovenborg's approach to wine and living: "A great wine interest is pursued with enthusiasm supplied with literature studies of the medical effects of a moderate alcohol consumption," he explains.

Although much of his extensive writing on wine and health is in print but not online, extensive bibliographies on the site show the breadth of his output. You'll find plenty of good information to read online, including research reports ... scores of quotes about wine and health and wine in general ... and extensive libraries, titled "ex libris," of artful book plates with wine, chess and medical themes.

The site is available in both Danish and English. You'll find the English edition at

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Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2001
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