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Tasting Note: Chinon

If you think of red wines as dark, full-bodied and robust - and even if you like them that way - it's worth taking an occasional attitude adjustment with a Cabernet Franc from Chinon in the Loire.

While the Loire Valley of France is probably best known for white wines, the smallish region called Chinon (home of the satirist Rabelais, a man who knew his food and drink) produces mostly red wine. But it's a distinctly different kind of red, usually light-bodied and fruity, often redolent of raspberries, with herbal qualities that sometimes make it seem almost "green." It can easily take a bit of a chill on a hot summer day, but don't serve it actually cold, which would diminish its subtlety.

Here's my note on a good one that we recently enjoyed:

Marquis de Goulaine Marquis de Goulaine 1998 "Le Moulin a Tan" Chinon ($14.99)
Clear cherry in color, rather light for a red, this Chinon offers pleasantly earthy berry and subtle oregano scents, delicate but complex. It's ripe and juicy, light in body but with plenty of fresh-fruit flavor well balanced by crisp acidity. U.S. importer: Premiere Wine Merchants Inc., NYC. (July 12, 2001)

FOOD MATCH: Goes quite well with ham, an entree that's not always an amiable companion with wine.

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Friday, July 13, 2001
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