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WT101 - Parallele "45"

As we reach the end of the first month of our Wine Tasting 101 project, I'm delighted to report that dozens of wine lovers have taken part in this experiment in joining as an online community to practice wine-tasting and reporting in a supportive, interactive environment.

As part of the game, I deferred posting my notes until the end of the month. Now, here's my report on the featured wine (the 1998 vintage) as well as the widely available 1999. Thanks to everyone who took part. Monday, we'll be announcing the featured wine for July, and I hope we'll have an even bigger crowd. For more information about that, click to Wine Tasting 101,, where you'll also find my more detailed reports and those from many other wine lovers around the world.

Paul Jaboulet Aine 1998 "Parallele '45'" Cotes du Rhone ($8.99)
This wine is dark garnet in color, with a slight cloudy haze that's only perceptible in comparison with a different wine in another glass. Its simple fresh-fruit aroma suggests ripe plums plus a burnt-sugar hint of caramel. Fruity and a bit one-dimensional in flavor, light-bodied and somewhat thin, it seems soft at first but picks up an acidic snap in a rather short finish. U.S. importer: Frederick Wildman & Sons Ltd., NYC. (June 27, 2001)

FOOD MATCH: A chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano seems to round out its rather soft and thin flavor and brings up the fruit.

Paul Jaboulet Aine 1999 "Parallele '45'" Cotes du Rhone ($8.99)
Clear, dark garnet with a clear edge. Warm fruit flavors, black plums and fragrant pepper. Plummy fruit flavors are tart and somewhat hot, light-bodied and fading fast in the finish. U.S. importer: Frederick Wildman & Sons Ltd., NYC. (June 21, 2001)

FOOD MATCH: Works nicely with a lightly smoked char-grilled turkey breast.

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Friday, June 29, 2001
Copyright 2001 by Robin Garr. All rights reserved.

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