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Post card from Alsace: Grapes and the soil
 Penfolds Brings Red Wine Recorking Clinics to the United States
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Post card from Alsace:
Grapes and the soil

Stones at Kreydenweiss
A box full of stones from the Kreydenweiss family vineyards in Alsace: Dark-gray granite, pale-tan schist, reddish sandstone.
If there's anyone left out there who doesn't believe in terroir, the concept that the minerals in vineyard soil can communicate unique and identifiable flavors to the grapes and thus to the wine, I suggest a visit to Alsace for further instruction.

We spent a few days last week touring this hospitable and picturesque section of Northeastern France, where France and Germany meet along the Rhine, and where some of the world's most interesting white wines come from Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and a few other grapes grown along a narrow strip where the fertile river valley meets the wooded, gently rounded Vosges ("Vowzh") mountains.

Marc and Emanuelle Kreydenweiss met us at their small but modern family winery in the village of Andlau, where we tasted through many of the dozen wines they make using strictly "biodynamic" techniques, a somewhat controversial form of organic growing that adds what many might consider astrological theory to standard organic-farming practices.

Whatever the technique, the wines were compelling - and like most of the best Alsatian wines, they presented - along with ripe, delicious fruit - a firm structure based on a stony, steely minerality that showed marked and consistent differences among wines from specific vineyards with differing soils. Using a box of rocks (pictured above in our HTML/graphics edition) as reference, we could make out consistent differences in Rieslings grown in vineyards containing granite, schist or sandstone.

Did the wines taste like rocks? Of course not. But vineyard differences showed up in subtle variations of character as apparent as those you might see in, say, brothers and sisters: related by family but each distinct and individual.

Here are my tasting notes on three Kreydenweiss Rieslings from separate vineyards on different soils. Although this relatively small producer's wines aren't easy to find, they are distributed internationally and are worth seeking out.

Marc Kreydenweiss 2000 Andlau Alsace Riesling - Very pale straw color with a delicate, almost ethereal floral scent. Steely, tart and clean flavors, very long finish. Grapes grown in granite soil.

Marc Kreydenweiss 1999 "Aux Vignes" Clos Rebberg Alsace Riesling - Pale gold. White fruit aromas; lime and minerals, a faint whiff of attractive Riesling "petrol," balanced and intense. Grown in schist.

Marc Kreydenweiss 2000 "La Dame" Niebelsberg Alsace Grand Cru Riesling - Pale-gold color, with white-fruit aromas and rich, complex flavors, spicy fruit and steely acidity. Sandstone in the vineyard.

TRAVEL NOTES: We've moved on to Bordeaux after this quick Alsace visit, and I hope to have more detailed trip and tasting notes and photos online before long. Busy-ness and difficult Internet connections have slowed this process, but for future reference, this material will eventually appear at

Penfolds Recorking Clinics Penfolds Brings Red Wine Recorking Clinics to the United States

Penfolds, Australia's most famous wine, brings the ultimate in after-sales service to the United States with its Penfolds Red Wine Recorking Clinics. In October 2003, Penfolds will hold two Red Wine Recorking Clinics in New York City on Oct. 24 and Chicago on Oct. 28. Penfolds has been conducting these clinics in Australia and the U.K. since 1991. In the last 12 years, Penfolds has opened more than 50,000 bottles of wine for over 7,500 consumers and trade. The clinics are popular with personal collectors and those that trade on the secondary market.

At the clinics, Penfolds winemakers will open and test any bottle of Penfolds red wine 15 years or older. After tasting, the Penfolds winemaking team will top, recork, re-capsule and certify that the wine is good, if the condition is found to be sound. Penfolds provides this service at no cost to the customer. To register for the clinic email or call 1-800-255-9966. To find out more about the clinics visit

Australia's most famous wine, Penfolds Grange, today holds iconic status around the world, and has been described by esteemed wine writer, Robert Parker, as a leading candidate for the richest, most concentrated, dry red table wine on planet earth. To stay in the know about events like the recorking clinics, sign up for the Penfolds quarterly newsletter Work in Progress. This educational publication is full of tasting notes on new releases, including the much-anticipated 1998 Grange, information on the winery's history and heritage and events in your area where Penfolds is participating. To sign up, email or call 1-800-255-9966.

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Monday, May 12, 2003
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