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More bargain-hunting
Santa Julia 2001 Mendoza (Argentina) Malbec

More bargain-hunting

Staying with this week's focus on wines of value that deliver more pleasure than you might expect for an affordable price, today's featured wine comes from Argentina. The Zuccardi family winery in Mendoza, the beautiful wine region on the eastern flank of the Andes, offers a fruity, snappy version of Malbec, a simple but enjoyable wine at a low-end $7.

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Now, here's that tasting report:

Santa Julia Santa Julia 2001 Mendoza (Argentina) Malbec ($6.99)

This clear but very dark reddish-purple wine offers a hint of brown sugar and a whiff of spicy ripe cherries in its inviting aroma. Its fresh tart-cherry flavor is balanced by ample, sharp acidity, making it a natural with food. U.S. importer: Winesellers Ltd., Skokie, Ill. (Sept. 23, 2002)

FOOD MATCH: Malbec has become a favorite with pizza, and this one made a fine match with a large one topped with sausage, green olives, green peppers, mushrooms and onions.

VALUE: Seven dollars may not buy you elegance or finesse, but in terms of simple drinking pleasure, it's not easy to find more "bang for the buck."

WEB LINK: The U.S. importer has a Santa Julia fact sheet at

The winery's Website reports "under construction," but links to a previous site at


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Friday, Sept. 27, 2002
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