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A visit to Gascony
Domaine de Pouy 2000 Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne
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Special announcement: Corkmasters.com

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A visit to Gascony

Gascony, called Gascogne ("Gahs-co-n'yuh") in French, is probably better known in literature than for its wine. Who hasn't cheered the exploits of the heroic character D'Artagnan in Alexandre Dumas' "Three Musketeers," a Gascon through and through ... but who ever heard of Gascon wine?

Even the major wine references devote little attention to Gascony. "The Oxford Companion to Wine" gives it just 6 1/2 lines, noting that it's in Southwestern France, produces the fiery spirit Armagnac, and was under English rule in medieval times. Hugh Johnson's "Modern Encyclopedia of Wine" and "Frank Schoonmaker's "New Encyclopedia of Wine" don't list it as a separate entry at all.

All of which makes the inexpensive white wine we're sipping for today's tasting a bit of a discovery. Year in and year out, Domaine de Pouy is one of the best white-wine bargains around.

It's made from the Ugni Blanc ("Oo-n'yee BlaN") grape (identical to the Italian Trebbiano), which, surprisingly, is by far the most widely grown white grape in France, almost all of it going into anonymous white wines or distilled into brandy.

In the hands of Domaine du Pouy, however, careful handling turns Ugni Blanc into a crisp, fresh, quaffable white that, if lacking in the complexity needed for greatness, displays a delicious freshness and aromatic fruit that makes it a natural sipper on a hot summer day.

Domaine de Pouy Domaine de Pouy 2000 Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne ($6.99)

Clear straw color, with pleasant, forward pear and floral aromas. Crisp and fresh in flavor, simple but appealing, with snappy acidity that makes it a natural with food. U.S. importer: Robert Kacher Selection, Washington, D.C. (July 7, 2002)

FOOD MATCH: Perfect with a light summer dinner of spaghetti tossed with butter, garlic and fresh sage, a treat we discovered in Alba in Northwestern Italy.

VALUE: As good as a white wine gets for $7.

WEB LINK: The importer's Website is at

Moving back toward daily distribution

First, allow me a moment to thank all of you who took time to send me words of encouragement, support and hope after I told you about my operation last week. I wish I could respond to you all individually, but the sheer numbers - hundreds of replies - make that impractical for now. Please know that I appreciate all of your thoughts, and your kindness.

Now, I'm delighted to report that I seem to be bouncing back quickly enough to consider moving back toward resuming our daily edition. I intend to begin by sending around a second edition later this week, then gradually move to three, four and then daily editions as quickly as I feel I can. Thanks for your patience during this period!

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Monday, July 8, 2002
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