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30 Second Wine Tasting Tip:
Learning to match food and wine

Most wine lovers instinctively recognize those special wine-and-food matches that ring our chimes: Lamb chops with a fine Bordeaux or first-rank Cabernet ... delicate sole with a Sancerre or other crisp Sauvignon Blanc ... wild mushrooms and Pinot Noir. These are the classic pairings of which culinary dreams are made.

But how can you know whether a pairing will work? Experience is the best teacher, and here's an excellent suggestion from reader Tim P.: Set up a "cause and effect" wine tasting, a sociable gathering in which participants taste and compare small amounts of specific foods and wines specifically chosen to go well together.

This is a great idea! I've always recommended group tastings as the best quick way to learn about wine. By gathering several wine lovers for a social event, you can open more bottles than you would normally try during an evening at home, making it possible to compare and contrast and talk about the wines with like-minded friends.

A planned food-and-wine tasting would add an extra dimension to that, making it possible to check the conventional wisdom by trying both obvious matches (red wine and beef) and not-so-obvious pairings like red wine and fish.

Here's one way to do it: Prepare about a half-dozen foods that can be served in small tasting amounts, and serve them with a lineup of compatible wines. You could keep things focused by serving one pair at a time, but I like the idea of having all the wines and foods out at once so participants can mix and match to see what happens.

Here are a few matching pairs that should make for a good tasting:

  • Beef meatballs with Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir
  • Salmon with Pinot Gris (but also try it with the Pinot Noir!)
  • Shrimp with Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pasta (try short shapes like penne) and tomato sauce with Chianti.
  • Fried chicken (or "nuggets") with Chardonnay
  • Assorted cheeses - try them with all the wines.
This lineup would probably provide about as much food and wine as most people would want to take on in an evening, especially if you serve salad, fruit, bread and maybe a dessert to end the event.

There's plenty of room for variation, though, and if you try this or something like it, I hope you'll let me know. If you would like to join an online discussion on food-and-wine-matching topics, please drop by our Food Lovers' Discussion Group, Or, if you prefer, send me E-mail at I regret that the growing circulation of the "Wine Advisor" makes it difficult for me to reply individually to every note. But I'll answer as many as I can; and please be assured that all your input helps me do a better job of writing about wine.

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30 Second Tasting Notes:
Value French red
Chateau Mas Neuf Chateau Mas Neuf 1998 Prestige Des Gibelins Costières de Nîmes ($9.99)
This earthy wine from the Southern Rhone is a clear ruby color, with tart cherry and leafy green aromas. Spicy red fruit flavors, light and fresh, finish with a tart cherry impression and crisp, tangy acidity that serves it well at the dinner table. U.S. importer: Kysela Pere et Fils Ltd., Winchester, Va. (Feb. 26, 2001)

FOOD MATCH: Works well with bits of leftover pork loin tucked into Vietnamese banh xeo pancakes.

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Vol. 3, No. 11, April 2, 2001

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