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There's not much risk involved in taking a gamble on an unknown $10 bottle of wine. But on those occasions when you're in the market for something special, it can be a little more daunting to think about dropping $30 or more without knowing for certain that the investment will please you.

Our biweekly 30 Second Wine Advisor Premium Edition offers the same trustworthy, consumer-oriented wine-buying counsel that you've come to expect from us for wines of value, but it covers selected wines in the "next tier," giving you the plain-talk advice you need to shop with confidence when you're spending a little more.

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View a sample edition, the Oct. 27 issue featuring a potpourri of reports on nearly four dozen recently released high-end goodies.
WHAT IS THE PREMIUM EDITION? Every other Tuesday, we'll report on one or two excellent wines, usually available from wine shops in the $30 to $60 range, occasionally a bit more, but always wines of exceptional value for their price, and no limited-production "cult" rarities that few wine lovers can find.

As with all my reviews, these tell-them-as-I-see-them reports will be based entirely on wines that I purchase at my own expense, to avoid any conflict of interest, and will feature in-depth information including full, plain-English tasting notes based on tasting both in isolation and with appropriate food, along with food-matching advice (including links to recipes for those who enjoy cooking as well as tasting wine), my recommendations for cellaring and peak drinkability, and other interesting information to help you enjoy the wines with your intellect as well as your senses.

We'll feature a world of wines, choosing selections from all major wine regions, and - recognizing that quality artisanal wines aren't always easy to find - I'll avoid featuring small-production rarities and make every effort to feature wines that should be reasonably available in most metropolitan areas, along with as much information as I can muster to help you locate local or Internet vendors. Click here or click the screen shot above to view a sample edition.

Frankly, if you never buy wine for more than $20, I think you'll find all you need in our free Wine Advisor. And if you actually like poring over the hundreds of upscale wines featured in the glossy print wine publications and making your own decisions about purchases at the special-occasion level, you may find this edition just one more in a variety of tools at your command.

But if you would really rather have a source who you've learned to trust present you with a regular, reasonable supply of "good buy" recommendations based on objective, consumer-oriented reviews, then I believe you'll find the modest $24 annual subscription fee an investment that will quickly pay for itself in wine pleasure, and the happy feeling of having wasted no money on overpriced bottles that you didn't enjoy.

And, of course, you'll have my special thanks, as your subscription not only makes it possible for me to purchase all the wines I review, but also helps support the wealth of free features that we offer on

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