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Want to learn more about wine, but short on time? Welcome to The 30 Second Wine Advisor™, our free weekly e-mail bulletin about wine tasting and wine appreciation. We know your time is valuable, and we've designed The 30 Second Wine Advisor so as not to waste it.

In each Wine Advisor, we keep the contents concise and to-the-point, offering you several 30-second tastes of wine information each day that include:

  • A wine-tasting tip or short fact about wine appreciation.
  • A tasting report on one or two good, currently available wines of good value in a variety of price ranges
  • Quick links to online wine item of interest ... an article on the Wine Lovers' Page, another wine-appreciation site that we think you'll enjoy, or a connection to a commercial wine page that we consider worth your while.

These quick bites will week after week, month after month, build your wine knowledge and enhance your confidence in the sometimes daunting world of fine wine.

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