Wine Questionary:

Rotating bottles in your cellar: Don't do it!

If you're sleeping soundly, cocooned in cozy blankets on a cold winter's night, would you enjoy it if someone came into your room and unceremoniously flipped you over?

I don't think so ... and believe me, your wine doesn't like it either.

A reader's question inspired me to address this enduring myth: I frequently hear from folks who've heard that wine bottles aging in the cellar should be rotated periodically, a procedure that is thought in some mysterious way to improve its development.

In fact, this is simply not so! Wine is best left undisturbed as it ages. Rotating the bottles would serve no purpose except the negative one of stirring up the sediment that gradually forms along its lowest side.

So if you're aging wine, please don't turn your bottles. There's no need for it in the short term, and if you're saving bottles for the longer term, it can be bad for the wine.

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