Wine Questionary:

Labels: How to remove and save them

If you like to save the labels from special bottles of wine you've enjoyed as souvenirs, you've likely been frustrated by the wine industry's widespread move to modern labeling machines that affix labels with super-sticky glue.

Sometimes it seems that dynamite won't remove these things, but if you're keen on trying, here are a few tricks I've tried or heard of:

  • Use very hot water and give the bottles a long soak. If hot water alone won't do the job, try adding a cup of ammonia.
  • As soon as you remove the bottle from the hot water, attack the label with a hair dryer, which may help soften the glue.
  • Try gently coaxing the edges of the label with a single-edge razor.
  • Some wine-accessory shops offer a gimmick involving sticky-backed clear\r\nplastic that you place over the wine label, press down and peel. One source of this item is Wine Enthusiast,


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