Wine Questionary:

Finding a specific wine

Reading about a wine that looks interesting but being unable to find it can pose a truly frustrating challenge to a wine lover. This is probably why one or our most frequently asked questions is, "Where can I find (fill in the blank) wine?"

With wine distribution as spotty and unpredictable as it is, varying among all 50 states of the U.S. and all the nations of the world, it's simply impossible for us to maintain a database of store inventories everywhere.

But here's my best advice on tracking down that elusive bottle: Always try near your home first.

The management of a fine-wine shop in your community can be your best friend in your quest to find a favorite wine. I'm not talking about neighborhood liquor shops but the specialty stores that cater to, and are usually staffed by, people who enjoy wine and like to talk about it. You probably know such a store in your region already, but feel free to check out our Internet Wine Shops Directory to see if we list one near you.

Once you've found your store, don't be shy about calling or visiting and asking the staff to help you locate your wine.

If all else fails, ordering online is an option if you live in a state or country that doesn't forbid (or even criminalize) mail-order shipment of wine. Two good, reliable shops (and Wine Lovers' Page advertising partners) are K&L Wines in San Francisco and Garnet Wines in New York City.

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