Wine Questionary:

Champagne (sparkling wine) - how to pop the cork

Popping a sparkling wine cork is fun, but letting it fly with a bang isn't really a great idea. You might break the china, poke out a pal's eye, or, in any case, make a mess and waste good wine. So here's my alternative method for opening bubbly--a trick that will impress your friends because you end up nonchalantly holding the cork safely in your hand!

Make sure the wine is ice-cold, and avoid shaking the bottle.

Carefully peel the foil and unwind and remove the wire cage that holds the cork in place.

If there's any gunk around the cork, wipe it off with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Now, here's the trick: Assuming you're right-handed, grip the bottle with your right hand and hold the cork tightly with your left, either bare-handed or using a cloth or paper towel. Hold the cork steady while you gently twist the bottle. The cork will ease loose with a soft hiss, and you'll find yourself holding the cork in one hand and an open bottle in the other.

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