John Juergens John Juergens writes a wine column for the weekly Oxford Town in Oxford, Miss. He has been active in wine education for more than 25 years, and teaches courses on wine appreciation and coordinates many educational wine tasting events. John got acquainted with wine at the age of 5 while watching his father make homemade Concord grape wine in Ohio, and he has remained a student of wine ever since.

Dr. Juergens is a registered pharmacist and a professor emeritus at the University of Mississippi, but he has gotten extensively involved in the wine industry. He has been a professional wine judge for about 15 years and holds a patent on his own method for wine evaluation called "Vin-Test." John also served as Chairman of the American Wine Alliance for Research and Education (AWARE) for about six years. AWARE is a national organization of physicians and health scientists whose purpose is to provide balanced, comprehensive information on the health effects of moderate alcohol consumption to health professionals and the beverage alcohol industry. He has served as an alcohol and health expert to the International Organization of Vines and Wines in Paris, France.

But John's true love is drinking wine and he loves to talk about it. He welcomes comments and questions on wine-related, including those in his columns. If you'd like to contact John directly, he can be reached at

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