The "Biographies" feature (formerly "Who Are We?") offers an opportunity for participants in our forums to tell a bit about ourselves and our interest in good things to eat and drink.

How to browse Biographies

To browse through the archive of Biographies, select:

You will see a "pulldown list" on which you can select and click the name of your choice, then click "View Bio" to read that person's listing. (Hint: To speed your search, click in the list, then type the first letter of an individual's last name to speed to that section of the list).

How to introduce yourself

To introduce yourself to the forum, click:

and use the form to tell us about yourself. We're not asking for deeply personal information - in fact, most people prefer not to list their street address or phone number on the Internet. But we hope you'll feel comfortable sharing a bit about who you are, where you're from, and your special interests in the world of wine. This personal bio will be added to the archive, and a copy of it will be cross-posted to the forum, where our participants will give you a warm welcome.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly encourage you to include your E-mail address so others in the forum can reach you, and so you can access the tools you'll need if you wish to modify your biography in the future. Please be assured that your E-mail address is completely hidden from public view to protect your privacy and to prevent "spammers" from copying it. Only the forum administrators can see your E-mail, and under our published Privacy Policy, we won't give, sell, lend or rent it to anyone for any reason.

How to modify your Biography

If you wish to modify your personal listing as your interests change, simply use the links above to browse the archives for your name; go to your biography and click the "Modify Bio" link. Instructions will be sent to the E-mail address that you used to register. If your E-mail address has changed and you can no longer receive E-mail at the old one, contact Robin Garr by E-mail at for help.

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