A totally narcisissistic repository of the online musing of Murray Almond; an online wine identity from Victoria, Australia. The prime purpose of the site is to save me the task of have to use the WLDG Serach Engine to find old articles whenever someone has a request on Australia Wine, Wine Touring across Victoria or South Australia, the lates aspects of screwcap technologies, quirky aspects of Australian Culture or anything else that takes my fancy.

In addition to my words here I've write the odd musing from an Australian view for Kiwi Sue Courtney's http://www.wineoftheweek.com under the title From The Left Island.

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Touring Notes Around Victoria and South Australia

These are notes as published on the Wine Lover's Discussion Group on various tours around Victoria and South Australia. These may be useful for upcoming tours you may be planning.

A Tour of the Nagamabie Regions of Central Victoria

A Tour through the Pyrenees and Great western with Jenise and Bob Stone Part 1 and Part 2.

Tastings with TGD, NDN, ToGD and Others

My firedn The Good Doctor; his Next Door Neighbour, his colleague, The Other Good Doctor and various others get together on a regular basis to taste the odd bottle.

Night and Dreams with NDN


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