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What's your dream food career?
Are you passionate about food? Ever dream of actually being in the business? Then what if we told you we had a genie and, effective immediately, you could have any job in the vast and exciting food world? Could you teach the Naked Chef a thing or two? Would you pick up where Paul Bocuse left off? Would you trade in your dreary old desk job for a quaint country cottage, a herd and a chance to make your own goat cheese? Want to be the next Agony Auntie of culinary call-in radio, run a restaurant, start your own Espresso Bar or taste-test pastry for the rest of your life? What would you choose?

We can't really promise you that dream job, but we invite you to pretend for just a moment that our Voting Booth is your genie, and "choose your dream job!"

Thanks to Yixin for suggesting this topic and to Jenise Stone for taking charge of the question and ballot. After you've voted, if you'd like to discuss this topic in more detail - and we hope you will! - please feel free to post a note on The Food Lovers' Discussion Group.

As always, this is a lighthearted poll without any scientific value, presented simply to inspire discussion and for the fun of seeing how your answers compare with those of other food lovers around the world. Once you've cast your vote, the software will immediately tally your entry and recalculate the totals.

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