Topic: TN: 2002 Michel Piccard Beaujolais NOUVEAU!!
Author: Howie Hart
Date: 20041216074914

I was staying alone at a hotel in Columbus, GA this week as my son was graduating from Basic Training at Fort Benning. To kill some time after my son returned to the base, I decided to go to the hotel bar to pass some time. After few draft beers and a game of 8-ball, I noticed a very ornamental bottle of sparkling wine prominantly displayed behind the bar. When I inquired about it I was directed to the manager, who turned out to be a fellow wine geek. When he stated that '75 Lafite is the best wine he's ever had (the same vintage I still have 7 bottles of) we had an immediate bond. He had the waitress open a bottle of 2002 Michel Piccard Beaujolais and bring us 2 glasses. I was immediatly suspect. A 2 year old Nouveau?? The wine was clear garnet with no indication of an over-the-hill wine. Good acid balance with a spicy fruit flavor. I knew that Beaujolais can age, but this nouveau was still a good, sound solid wine and very enjoyable. A pleasant surprise. Last month I jokingly suggested have a Beaujolais Nouveau vertical, but maybe its not such a bad idea.