Topic: TN: Wines with Lobster (long)
Author: Howie Hart
Date: 20041129215523

In a previous post I asked members of the forum if Reisling would go with a lobster dinner that was planned at my sister house over Thanksgiving weekend in Maine, as I had a few and was looking for an excuse to open them. However, after the forum's input, I supplied one sparkler, 2 Chards, a Reisling and a Vouvray and am grateful to the forum for their recommendations.

2002 Hart's Wine Cellars Sparkling Cayuga - this was a bottle that I had given my sister last spring and it had a few problems. The first is that my sister, in spite of my scolding, stores her wines upright on the floor in the corner. The second is that I had experimented with a pre-formed, mushroom shaped, composite cork that did not seal properly (We also had a bottle that I had just riddled and disgorged a week before and closed with a plastic closure with Thanksgiving dinner 2 days before, and it was fine - I will address this topic in my Home Winemaking Thread). As a result, the wine had little effervesance, but was still sound. However, as I opened this first, it never made it to the lobster, as everyone drank it with the Clam Chowder, so I apologize to those of you who recommended Champagne (even though I know its not Champagne).

Riverview Cellars 2003 Chardonnay $15 Cdn (Ontario?) - I commented on this wine in the forum shortly after I purchased it at the winery, complaining that it was not VQA and was made with some quantity of imported grapes. Un-oaked and sound, but not impressive. The least favorite wine at the table.

Macari 2000 Chardonnay Reserve, Barrel Fermented - Long Island $21 - Not over-oaked and well balanced, good long buttery finish that did match up quite nicely with the lobster. My sister and I liked this a lot. Good match.

Reif Estate 2003 Reisling (dry $15Cdn) Ontario/Germany - This is another of those non-VQAs (2003 was a bad year in Ontario). When I purchased it I discussed this with the winery staff and was informed that the non-Ontario grapes came from property they owned in Germany. Well made, but the acidity and fruitiness didn't quite set off the lobster. But, I can see where some forum members would be correct in recommending a well aged Auslese. It was my 24 year old son's favorite.

Vouvray de Gautier 2001 ($6.99 on sale) This was the one that hit the spot! This one matched up perfectly with the lobster. I tried finding one of the Vouvrays that Robin reviewed in the Wine Advisor, but couldn't. My brother and sister-in-law loved this wine and my sister and I, in spite of liking the Macari Chard as a better wine, agreed that the Vouvray matched the lobster best. Good wine and good value.